Angry at myself

I am angry at myself for not being good enough. My boss is always telling me to take ownership of my work and to do self-review. I do. I just don’t feel that the work has any meaning to it. I work at a BPO company. The main work is to assume the role of the finance department of multinational companies. A lot of the work we do feels redundant. I know for a fact that the deliverables/outputs we prepare aren’t even used by the client. They give you an orientation that you need to give value to the client. but what if you know that what you do is counterproductive? I want to be better, I really do, but I can’t find it in myself to be. I feel the work I do is a burden to the client.

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  1. Then speak up damn it. Say something that will make a change for the better. Take your boss’s advice and own it. Damn, what do you want? An invitation?

  2. You are good enough. It’s your boss that sucks. You are doing the best possible job, and your boss is an idiot. You are not a bad worker because he makes you do unnecessary work. You are smart for realizing it.

    As for your work not having any meaning. I guess just do the extra work and continue getting paid, or work someplace better.

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