An asshole boss

My boss is a shit-bag to work for. He loves young girls that build up his ego and womanizing. He spent ages just putting clients down who came to his clinic. He made fun of everyone he could. Complained about Medicare system and having to wait a month to get his DVA pensioners government-paid clients’ accounts fixed. He bought too many shoes and raved on about his wife and brother’s kids and how his mother was a complete bitch. She said to me, “It comes as a shock when you find out people don’t like you as much as you thought, doesn’t it?” and I knew she was directing it at me. All my advice is don’t go to his fucking clinic. He leaves a mess everywhere, he expects his staff to work during lunch and late, and he is cranky all the time.

A few other podiatrists said he was a shit and lazy. He is such a coward with that one eye and the money that family has is plain disgusting and selfish. I hate them so much.

He yells at his brother and he shoves his crutch at his wife’s ass bent over in the office. Makes you sick.

He will use dirty gloves he used on clients then grab a pen of mine or my phone and germs get all over it.

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