Aggressive newbie

I don’t get it. I genuinely don’t get it. We inherit what I can only describe as a very aggressive, rude, obnoxious and defensive member of staff as part of a redeployment programme and my life has been made a misery since.

Just some words of wisdom…

  1. You are a redeployee it’s in your best interest to work
  2. Stop pretending you know what you’re doing and challenging things you don’t know enough about
  3. Use your mobile phone in break times
  4. Respond to your emails
  5. Stop being so defensive! We all make mistakes take each one and learn from it!
  6. We all know you weren’t an accountant as you cannot work out the formula using a calculator to determine a date of birth
  7. Stop being so rude to the longest serving elderly lady who works so hard and is so committed! How dare you!
  8. Pick your battles wisely
  9. Last of all. Be accountable. Yes that’s right I’ve seen you throw away work because you can’t be bothered to do it and I’m collecting the evidence. I hope your days are numbered you outrageous horrible horrible lady! You last team must be so grateful that you have gone. Now I know why you didn’t get a collection or card!
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  1. We have the same type of p.o.s we’re I work. New guy, knows it all, did it all, and can’t stop talking about how much old job was so great. Wish the asshole would go back to it came from

  2. Oh the pain! Oh the agony! Oh the fuckery of it all!
    I am so sick of new people!
    What happened to the days when people came in and listened and went to work?
    If you were so fucking good at the other job…why did you leave?
    If you were so fucking good…why the fuck didn’t you get promoted?
    Just saying!

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