Administration and supervisor are jokes

I work with a nurse who seriously has Munchhausen. She will drug people so they shit their brains out. Now these are old people, so when they have the diarrhoea it’s a huge safety issue. She will make worse the mental health issues that our residents are dealing with. She tells higher ups, “Oh no, they don’t have behaviors.” So, here are these elderly people suffering. All the residents hate her. She’s a fucking psychopath. She needs to be in hospital and not working with the sick. We have gone to administration. Now we are the targets. I literally got called in the office today because I had said I don’t like one of the residents. I had a clean record until last week when I was written up for a meeting I did not attend. Administration has threatened the loss of my license and job

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. I love being a nurse but I’m starting to question if I can do this much longer. My supervisor told me last night, which was very busy and stressful, how the unit supervisor said I can’t wait til “the shit” nurse is back. The rest of these nurses on this unit are worthless and can’t do their jobs!! Is it bad I wish she would die in a house fire!?

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