A few home truths

Firstly, I am an idiot. I took shit for a very long time. I don’t know why exactly, but suspect I am a people-pleasing idiot. I have to take responsibility for that at least. But, I think it has allowed some of the worst selfish behaviour I have ever seen.

Toddlers are selfish in the same way, they have to be, they are not aware of the needs of others. That’s cool. Sometimes it’s even cute and funny.
It is NOT cute and funny when you are a big grown up, over 50. Quivering bottom lips, scowls, sideways glances, wobbling jowls, ejaculations of “that’s being mean to me!”, Or “I won’t sit with you, you’re not nice to me” is at best grotesquely funny, and at worst, psychotically narcissistic.

Any attempt to move past this behaviour in an adult way, say by offering, “ok, let’s move on from this and look at what we can do work wise” is met with “you are horrible and mean. You should reflect on yourself. You need to see how upset I am”

I am not your mum, dad, husband, child, carer. FFS. Grow up, put on your big-girl pants and behave!

Just a side note for the big bosses, if you give these people a pay rise and shiny new but meaningless title to shut them up, it’s like giving a toddler an ice cream in exchange for their tantrums. They won’t perform better, they will keep doing what they’re doing, it’s actually your fault. You have created monsters.

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