A 2 Year Old Dresses Better Than You

Look, why do I have to be the fucking clothing police in the office? Who the fuck comes to a professional office dressed like they are about to go out and cut the fucking grass? Office casual doesn’t mean whatever the fuck you want to wear.

It means dressing nicely, above casual, below formal office attire.
Is that so fucking hard to understand?

Do you see me dressed in a T-shirt and fucking worn out jeans? No! On Fridays – the day we can wear jeans, I have on NICE jeans without rips, oil stains, or raggedy edges. I have on office attire with jeans on and not dress pants.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Then I say something as polite as possible and remind you that this is a professional office and you get your fucking panties in a wad about me saying something about how unprofessional you are dressing.

Look, I don’t spend a fortune on my clothing, but I dress business casual. I am ironed, clean and ready to greet the public. You look like the fucking construction workers we work for because you are trying to be one of the fucking guys. Well, guess what? You are no longer one of the working guys, you are an office guy so put on some clean shoes – no mud necessary – put on some pants and a collared shirt and act like you have some fucking sense.

What the fuck! If you want to progress in your career, fucking dress like it you jack ass!

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