5 managers for 7 employees

We have 12 employees. Because the boss wanted more time to himself he made 5 of his senior staff “management”. They manage different things. One manages finances, one manages IT, one manages processes, and the last one manages training. We only have 7 other employees. These “managers” don’t attend special events organized by me for team building, they like to go for exclusive manager lunches where they bitch about whatever topic of the month, and they spend a lot of time in meetings fighting over how to run the company.

When I have an issue with my computer the IT manager tells me to “google what to do”. The finance manager has taken issue with some of my work expenses, but not told me directly. Just everyone else. So I hear through the grapevine that certain things shouldn’t be allowed, but am not told directly.

They get paid more, do less, and we rarely see them. They manage fuck all.

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