Man up you screwed up you know it don’t run crying to HR

Location: Land of the snowflakes
Job: Chief snowflake melter

Ok so you screwed up. In my time we put our hands up, took the bollocking on the chin, apologised, and never did it again. Snowflakes oh bless them, they need hugs, retraining, hugs more hugs and then they run to HR complaining of bullying and harassment. Then they go off sick, then they return from sick with a doctors letter and support from fucking HR and occupational health saying they need to work 2 hours a day for 1 month gradually building up to 4 hours etc etc.Continue reading


Sexism and Animal Abuse

Location: NV, USA
Job: "Team Member"

I spend all day at the cash register. This is the most hated job at the store. All the customer complaints, robotic questions we have to ask, unable to step away to help customers, having to flag someone down if I have to pee. Everyone talks about how it sucks. It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t told I was only doing this because I was the newest employee. I’m coming up on a year now, and there are a bunch of newer people than me. Almost all guys, because the girls quit. Why? Because the guys get to work in the back, build things, drive the fork lift, fill propane bottles, get to know the inventory, get outside for a minute to help customers to their cars. The girls run the register. All. Day. Long. And tidy up the clothing section.Continue reading