Location: Usa
Job: Head teacher

I’ve been working at a fucking preschool for a year and 3 months now, have not called out sick once. I catch fucking Covid and my boss tells me to go to work because we have nobody else. I said no because we have grandparents who pick up kids. Today I finally returned (one day after she asked me to) and the boss handed me a fucking kind of pink slip. She calls it a warning but it says I’m on 30 days probation for insubordination. To top it off she went off on me for about 40 mins of what does it take to make me appreciate her the way she appreciates me? She’s given me a $200 bonus on Christmas, some pies and an orchid last year! Why no thank you note! She doesn’t need one but it’s really rude not to send one! Didn’t I motherfucking know!Continue reading


I hate you

Location: USA
Job: Drugs

You are a total twat waffle. Rude as fuck and a total white trash piece of shit. You are the lead because you are too obnoxious and your disdain for all of us is readily apparent. Sorry you didn’t get the lead tech position… clearly, you just aren’t the “most qualified” applicant… lol. Honestly, I spent many shifts prepping your competition to get the job… and he did, because he isn’t a little cunt like you.Continue reading


Why are you in Cybersecurity… or IT at all?

Location: Why? You dont want to live here
Job: About to quit

OMFingG! How, why, are you in Cybersecurity? You boast about how you are the best worker and you do the most tickets… yeah the easy ones that you don’t have to think about! Open/close… that is fucking it! You refuse to read any email or process instructions that are idiot proof. When you asked what is an IDS and what is a malware, I lost my shit! You are a cyber analyst… WTF!Continue reading


Stop calling me or start paying me

Location: USA

Stop calling me. Stop asking me your “just a quick question” questions. Stop asking me to remember our phone conversation from 4 months ago. Stop asking me to affirm your painfully stupid life decisions. Stop telling me that you got a piece of paper in the mail. Stop calling my office 5 times in a row instead of leaving 1 voicemail (as instructed). But mostly stop asking me to care about your self-created problems and start paying me.


Yeah, I’m done!

Location: Ghost Town
Job: Housekeeper

I could text you all this, but no, I’ll pass. You will only turn it around to your advantage. Fuck your little supervisor of a son you raise. He is a piece of fucking shit. I’m glad we already broke up. Fuck you for making me go through hell during the coronavirus bull shit. You treated me like total shit. After this coronavirus rolled in you turned into an asshole. You said I was worthless and that I should of been paid less because to you I didn’t do half the job like you and your son did. I am very new to the industry and you had no patience for me. I gave up on this business. I should of left even sooner. You always said I had a horrible work ethic. Fuck you dude! I fucking talked to all my old co-workers and they said I was great. Fuck this job fuck you. Keep your fucking money! I’m good!!! I just want both of you fucks out of my life for good. I’m so fucking done with you shit heads. Good riddance! 😡😡😡