F*** you both

Location: Uk
Job: Charity

From being two giant babies, with misplaced confidence, and card carrying bullies, you are now acting like you care.

When I had to placate you and beg you to behave like adults, coaxing you to do your jobs, desperately hoping you might at least try, without giving backchat and veiled insults to everyone else, you were grinning from ear to ear.Continue reading


Hateful coworkers can f** right off!

Location: US
Job: Sell drugs mostly

Though I don’t have the most seniority, I am the most capable tech in the pharmacy. Two of my coworkers are tragically lazy and inept…mean to customers, unable to deal properly with insurance rejections and just “basic bitches.” They tell all the pharmacists who float to the store that I’m lazy…and at the end of the night, the pharmacists tell me what they said and wonder how they can say such things when I’m doing a great job. So I hate them. And always will.Continue reading


Lack of insight

Location: Uk
Job: Babysitter

There are two of you, so you would hope you could help each other be better people, even if you are blind to your own bullshit. You are both self-obsessed, and you both on a daily basis say how good you are at

a) your job, and
b) as human beings.

One thing I have learned is that this is not for you to judge. If you have to repeatedly tell everyone you are amazing, you’re probably not.Continue reading



Location: USA
Job: factory worker

So these past few weeks my workplace has been working over time, we have two different shifts that are having people work extra hours, just to keep my shift running. We are now working 6 days a week instead of our regular 5 days, because we have a ton of orders to fill out and probably will have to continue this till August even though management won’t tell us. Now, due to the virus, which I understand the reason why, but we have to wear a mask when SOME of us are near people, but everyone else doesn’t. They are not properly sanitizing anything except on one shift. Also btw we work in 100 degrees so the mask makes it UNBEATABLE. I honestly don’t know about this place anymore


I’m punching customers in my dreams again

Location: U.K.
Job: Service engineer

It’s been 3 years since my last rant, if I don’t release my anger again then someone is getting a screwdriver inserted up a nostril. We’ve all been told to stay the fuck away from each other or we may be lying on a cold morgue slab, right? Then why doesn’t that polite request stop the odd ignorant c*** to phone and request an engineer to call out and fix their bean-to-cup coffee machine? Cos you can’t be arsed boiling a kettle and putting up with the taste of Nescafé for a few more weeks or is it more the fact you’re a clueless chinless supine ballsack? I’m going to take those beans and fucking insert them through the gaps in your moron teeth.