It takes more energy to be mad


Seriously, WTF.

I’ve worked in customer service for a while now and 99% of my customers are great, but there are always those ones that really make you wanna cancel their order and tell them to go fuck themselves. Seriously. One of our items didn’t get tagged by mistake, so I had to input a price manually. Okay, not a big deal. But apparently she either didn’t understand what I was doing or was so damn impatient, she waved her rewards card in front of my face saying “DO YOU WANT MY CARD OR NOT?!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT!” And when I explained to her what was going on she replied: “Oh god, get me outta here!”

Like lady, if you wanna get out so damn quickly,



Can’t get a break

Location: United States
Job: Chef

I am so fucking tired of my lazy ass coworkers always wanting me to cover for them. This is my weekend right before all of us get thrust into an absolute shit-show Friday-Sunday. Seriously, those three days are going to be an absolute nightmare and I really wanted to enjoy my two days off before I get fucked. Instead I get one person trying to get me to come in at the last minute because she couldn’t bother to let anyone know about her problems ahead of time. And now I have another coworker trying to get me to come in tomorrow morning. And guess what? Wednesdays are delivery days for supplies. Which means if I go in, I get to take care of the entire fucking order. Because it’s not enough that I have to put away 90-100% of the deliveries on Mondays and Fridays but now I might have to do it on what was meant to be my day off. The one break I get from putting away the orders and I won’t even get that. Because God forbid I have people actually contribute in helping me. And these deliveries can hold me back from my own projects by hours.Continue reading


F*** off you self-serving deluded pig

Location: Us
Job: Cope with shitheads

You are a gross sack of shit. You have great visions for yourself. You don’t care about the company, customers or coworkers. You think you are far more important than all of them. If only people could see your greatness! Then you could rule the world! However, no-one can recognise your true worth, so you’ll just have to keep moaning and trashing everyone else to make yourself feel better until such time your little lighted fart can shine. Shithead.