Pull your head out of your ass

Location: USA

Stop thinking that you are the best. You act like you are so much better than us when you have not even been at your job for anywhere near as long as the rest of us. You are so smug, thinking that you are so much more talented than us. Want to know a secret? You built yourself a reputation a while ago for being a retarded dumbass. You built this reputation for being lazy, incompetent, and essentially not being able to do your job well. Yes, you have gotten better but your continued actions still label you as a dumbass who just does not think! Something that we all agree on! But of course to think you have to be able to shut up for more than a few minutes. And yes, we have noticed that when you work you are slow as hell and when you start talking (Because you can’t shut up) you somehow become even slower.Continue reading


Upper management are driving me insane.

Location: United Kingdom
Job: Part-Time Sales Assistant

I work at an opticians and I really enjoy my job, I’m decent at it and get on great with the people there. I’m alone most the time but I talk with the people in the shops nearby. It took me months to get this job after being made redundant at my last one, despite getting interviews daily there were always hundreds of other applicants, and most had multiple stages so I was getting “into the top 10” and “down to the final interview” all the time. They are really scarce and my regional area has one of the highest numbers of unemployed people in the UK. The pay isn’t great (minimum wage) and I have to get up super early to commute, but that’s not my main issue.Continue reading


She’s focused on the wrong s***

Location: United States
Job: Analyst

Started a new position in a newly formed department. Read: NO STRUCTURE. The trainers have no idea about the industry and don’t know what the hell they’re doing. We waited two weeks before an expert started training us……and his trainings are constantly interrupted. There are hours long blocks in the day with nothing to do because they break the trainings up but have nothing tangible planned in between these breaks. We were paired with “mentors” who are clueless. They are tasked with teaching us what they don’t know while also being expected to output work and meet deadlines for work that was already 30 days beyond the deadline.Continue reading


You are dumb

Location: Canada

I honestly don’t know how you got this job. You are 100% clueless and don’t know what you’re doing at all. You just take credit for other people’s work.
You think everybody around you is dumb but ironically you’re the dumb one.

And stop closing your office door all the time. You stink it up worse than an Apple store and I dread every time you open the door after you’ve locked yourself in there for any period of time.


Self-serving shit bag

Location: Us
Job: Helper

Open your piggy eyes and flappy ears, fuckwit. There’s a lot going on for the people around you that takes time and energy. The things they are doing are part of work and matter more than your feelings and desires for attention and praise. The things you are doing are good as far as they go, but it would be better if rather than sulking and being obstructive, you pulled your finger out of your ass and helped. This might be painful to hear (I have run out of gentle hints that don’t work anyway) but you are not the centre of everyone’s universe. Your life and feelings are not more important than everyone else’s. Right now, you are not the focus of attention, and that’s how it should be.Continue reading