Boss Overworking Me

Location: USA

My boss is a fucking joke. I have been working my ass off for the past week and a half with one day off (Christmas Day). I finally have another day off and he tries to bring me in to work tonight. First off, I said no because I had plans. Second, do you know why he tried to bring me in? Because he forgot to schedule someone to work tonight. That’s right, he tried to bring me in on a well-deserved day off because he forgot to schedule someone to work that position. In other words, trying to bring me in to fix his screw-up. And he forgot to schedule someone last night too, so I almost ended up working a double because of his screw-up! And when someone decides they don’t want to work, guess who is the usual fall-back guy? The one who has to work his ass off because people are either lazy or just dumb-shits.Continue reading


Complaints, Complaints, Complaints

Location: Somewhere
Job: Nobody

I get it. I’m one of the useless ones. I never want to be there and it shows. And who can blame me? I’m too talented and too passionate for this mindless, soul-rendering, empty, robotic shit. I’ve been stuck this kind of work for much too long, leap-frogging from one company to another to try to keep things tolerable, and I have no alternative options due to my learning disability. Everyone’s fed up with me and I’m fed up with having no choice. I can’t just quit because I need the money, and I can’t keep changing jobs every few years any more. It looks bad. My heart’s not in it anymore. I just have to grit my teeth. Why can’t I just win the fucking lottery so I can withdraw completely?


F*** co-workers

Location: Nowhere
Job: Nothing

Sick of overhearing bastards talking like I’m deaf. I CAN HEAR YOU BITCHING ABOUT ME, YOU ARSEHOLES!!! I’m in the FUCKING ROOM!!!


Dying Inside

Location: Nowhere
Job: Boredom and Emptiness

What am I doing with my life? I was a good student (well-behaved at least, not a star with straight A’s – Not that that means jack shit in this part of the world) and I went to university and my reward for good behaviour was a decade of dull, empty shite I can’t escape. I’m basically useless at everything due to my learning disability and can’t stand the crap job I’m in (you can’t HELP but daydream in self-defence). I have no energy to be employed at all other than to make money. Just kill me.


I am the primary user of the software!

Location: United States
Job: Herder of cats

Look; I am the primary user of the software program.

You are not.

I already expressed my opinion on the fucking topic.

Don’t come to me and try to convince me that a fucking piece of garbage that cost 30K+ will be the answer to my prayers when I am not praying for it.

I am praying for peace from you dumb shits.