Manager who cannot manage!

Location: United Kingdom

The real shame is the organisation could be so great – so many great people and a great ethos. Apart from the manager. He brings the place down. He makes it a tense and unhappy place to work. He handles everything poorly and staff are desperate to leave. He constantly complains that he has too much work to do, too much on his plate, wants other people to take more responsibility and make decisions.Continue reading


Open your eyes and shut your mouths

Location: Uk
Job: Professional dickhead manager

For fucks sake. Stop trying to undermine and headfuck other people. You would be far better off looking deeply and carefully at yourselves. You are two miserable old bitches. You don’t have to be. You could choose to improve yourselves. Here’s the thing; if you spent your energy on self-improvement, you would be nicer and more people would like you. Also, the world would be just a tiny bit better. However, right now, you can only feel a bit less useless and a bit less shit by continuously trying to pull other people down. It’s really no skin off my nose.Continue reading



Location: US
Job: Baby sitting fat useless sacks of shit

You are nasty. A nasty old woman. A nasty, bitter, deeply ugly lump.

You are a hate figure. You constantly badmouth everyone in your life. You laugh at the misfortunes of others. You slag off your husband, son, previous work colleagues, ‘friends’ and those you claim to know well and name drop. You then state and restate how open and honest you are and how you pride yourself in your fine character.Continue reading


Worked to death

Location: US

Fuck you and your so called “we’re in this together” bullshit. Me and one other person do double the work of anyone else in the department. No one else works as late or as many weekends as us, but we’re all held under the same deadlines and treated the same. WE ARE NOT THE SAME!!!! STOP ACTING LIKE WE ARE!!!! My workload is much more than anyone else’s and you are killing me. Take your kumbaya togetherness horseshit and shove it.