Unorganized collection and management system

Location: Philippines
Job: Teller

Its been a month since I transferred on this position from being an office staff and I thought my workload would be less since I’ll be only focusing on collection, but I was wrong. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY? A LEADING ELECTRIC COMPANY IN MY HOMETOWN BUT CAN’T FIX ENOUGH OR CREATE A RELIABLE SYSTEM? From an 8 hrs load shit, we worked for almost 12 hrs because of this fucking whatsoever cheap bullshit system. We are so exhausted and we don’t have time for ourselves. We work hard and are very devoted but it seems the company do not look out for what’s good for their employees. I’m so tired of this shit.

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No one is that lucky!

Location: London
Job: Advisor

The light-bulb moment came when you told me you were lucky to have me. Trust me, no one is that lucky you tight fisted buffoon. How is it alright for me to work 12, 13, 14 hours a day and be paid the same as that backward, lazy tramp on the other team? Silly me… it’s because she lets you feel her up so you can do her work for her. How in the world do you have time to do her work when you are meant to be managing OUR team? By the way, the next time you’re having a feel can you ask her to stop showing us pictures of the other hole in her backside! You have a good team but we are all looking to leave. You do nothing to stand up for us and we have lost all respect for you.Continue reading


Annoying creep

Location: United States
Job: Sales

Looking at your face makes me want to vomit. What’s the deal with the creepy-ass hat? Do think you’re suave? You’re not. You’re a douche and a half. And the food you eat? Why are you a vegetarian when you eat greasy potato chips by the bagful? Munch…munch….munch… And all of the shit plastered on your walls like kid art projects. It’s a fucking eyesore. And the butting into everyone’s conversations with your know-it-all comments….shut the fuck up

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. I would love to kick you right in the balls with Bruce Lee force.