S.T.F.U!!!! Debbie Downer to the MAX

Location: US - major city
Job: Finance - office work

I work at a small start-up and being in a small company, a lot of people wear many hats and yes it can get a little hectic…. you know what REALLY slows everything down? Ann.

Dear Ann,

Please for the love of GOD STFU – Guess what?? everyone at the company has family and responsibilities to take care of. Some more stressful than others at times, but we come into work and try to make it as easy going as possible.Continue reading


Screwing to get on top

Location: USA
Job: Web Designer

Well… title says it all. I left the job because my boss was making it pretty well known that he was having some sort of office affair with our HR. That was just the icing to the cake. There’s much more to the story here. Cooked books. Backstabbing. Gossiping. Blaming others. The list goes on…

Who could I complain to? HR? Oh wait, nope! Me and him worked great together until little miss priss got hired 4 months after I was brought on board. You two deserve each other and the hell that company is going to endure because of your messes. 8 former co-workers of mine have either left because of him or her. Maybe they left because of both. I walked away from a good paying job that had one of the most toxic work cultures I’ve ever seen!


Stupid stupid job!

Location: England
Job: Receptionist

I work in a place that gives eye/ear tests, books appointments, and fits glasses/contact lenses and hearing aids. I’m at the front desk, usually the only person in the store other than the days we have the doctors in to do the tests. And some of the stuff I have to deal with is insane. However, nothing takes the piss more than this:

I was in the branch on my own, doing all the usual phone calls etc preparing for the busy clinic the following day (where we have patients coming in for their appointments to see the doctor). Then I get an email from regional management saying the doctor is unable to work tomorrow, so they’re sending a replacement, but he can only do half the day, so can I call every patient we have in the afternoon and re-arrange their appointments? We had no spaces for like the next 2 weeks, so you can imagine how that went. Half were super angry, most I had to call multiple times as they wouldn’t pick up the phone, and about 3 were okay with it.Continue reading


I feel like a drone bee

Location: UK
Job: Engineer

I have a job. That’s it. People just dump work on me. I get it done. My team leader is retiring next year and I will be doing his job, with no raise. It’s just like give it to Jones he will do it. I have been offered other jobs but they are just shit and for less money. I’m stuck.

I hate my life. My wife shouts all the time and doesn’t ever want sex because “she’s too tired” . I’m the one working 50 hours a week, while she goes to the gym during the day.

I should be happy. I would kill myself if it wasn’t for my daughter. She’s the only thing that cares about me.Continue reading


Trapped probably forever


I don’t know why I ever thought this job would be a good for for me. Well, yes I do, the money is good, but I don’t know if it’s even worth it. Legitimately feeling like death would be a better option than being here everyday.

I work in the oilfield. My job is to be on site 24/7 for medical assistance. Which is easy enough except I’m constantly relying on other people to do their jobs properly or I don’t get to go home. I live on site, in a tiny shack, never allowed to leave, for weeks at a time. My job is done when everyone on site has done the job that they need to do. But they get to go home at night to their families so they don’t care if they are slow or mess something up causing the job to take a week or 2 longer.Continue reading