Stop calling me

Job: IT

I seriously need my bosses to stop calling me for bullshit reasons so that I can just do my fucking work!

I have at least two hundred fifty maps to plot and test; so please stop calling me for things like: I just sent you a WhatsApp for a new tender, please do it. Like DAMNIT there are OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE FREE TO DO THIS BULLSHIT!


Shove this pointless job

Location: USA
Job: Hospitality

Stop watching me all the time. Yes, I know it’s slow and there’s nothing to do. I know you’re compiling a dossier on me not giving a shit. Guess what? Nobody gives a flying fuck! We’re all doing the same, pointless, dead-end job at a two-bit low-life company. There may not be any meaning to this job, but there is to my life. What about you, old hag?


Rude Customers

Location: CA
Job: Retail

There are rude ass customers I have to deal with every day. Fuck that old man who is a hot-tempered asshole being extremely rude towards me and other workers. He doesn’t even shop at that store. Put him in a lesson about manners. Fuck that woman in a lavender shirt with black hair who is a stuffy asshole. Fuck them. Workers will not take this bullshit. Fuck rude customers.