Stop playing favorites (Oh yeah, and drop dead!)

Location: USA
Job: Bartending

It was SO professional of you to have your underlings fire me and conveniently be gone that day (doesn’t surprise me since it’s common knowledge you have no spine).

I felt SO valued to be questioned daily on stupid meaningless monkey tasks, then given the eye roll when I was truthful and completed said tasks.

I SO enjoyed getting the blame for other employees laziness and never completing their tasks (I’m not a teenager and only an asshole would relate to their staff like they do to their spoiled ugly entitled bratty offspring).Continue reading



Location: Little Italy
Job: Marketing

OMG this basic white bitch just spilt her pumpkin spice latte all over my Louboutins… shits about to get real up in here.


What’s wrong with how I dress?

Location: USA

I don’t get my job. Like I don’t know why my manager has it in for me. She is such a bitch. Go back to the ’70s with your glitter rompers. Better yet send me back to the ’70s to Studio 54 so I can get as much blow as I want. Anyways….. so I got in trouble today because I was wearing leggings and a t-shirt to work. We work in a call center and nobody in the public sees us, so what’s wrong with wanting to be stylish? Apparently there have been complaints that the leggings were thin and you could see through the butt of them. I didn’t know that, but if you are offended just don’t look. Or look and don’t complain because I have a great ass and they’re just jealous. God I hate this job. I hate people who think the world revolves around them. Fuck em all!


Real quick

Location: USA
Job: Retail

Why does anyone say “real quick” at work? Especially when they know it will be anything but really quick. Most annoying phrase ever!!


Worst job ever

Location: Scotland
Job: Coder

Can’t wait to quit this job. Worst place I’ve ever worked in my entire life. Nearly 4 years working in this living hell. A nervous breakdown is imminent.

Stupidity and laziness are rewarded in spades and management is non-existent.

In short, fuck this place and pretty much everyone that works here bar the few decent co-workers who’ve made it bearable.