Get a reference about your employers before you say yes

Location: Worldwide
Job: Nanny/au pair

I was a nanny/au pair with million-dollar clients and my advice is always before starting make sure you get past nannies’ references about the family you are sitting for. It swings both ways. It’s just as wise to know who you are looking after and why they left and how many they had, because the richer they are the meaner the cherubs are. Never again. I would do that with all jobs really.


You’re a f***ing fake

Location: UK
Job: Sales

X, I used to like you, until I realised you’re just like the rest of the fake-arsed motherfuckers in this place. Can’t wait for the boss to come in again soon so I can listen to your fake-arsed laugh, you selfish, self-centred c**t! Peace.


“It doesn’t make sense to pay you!”

Location: Los Angeles
Job: Administrative

This is the most fucked-up, unethical company I’ve come across in my career. There are several things to it.

First, the company wanted a slave, not an employee. For several months of working, I didn’t get paid for work I did. When I asked my manager to get paid for work, I was told: “It doesn’t make sense to pay you.”

When I finally got paid, it was the manager’s personal check, not the company check.Continue reading


Thank you for quitting

Job: Manager

It’s been a rough couple of years with this abusive, manipulative, poor at her job, piece of trash….thank you for quitting and for finally making such a scene in front of upper management that all your lying, backstabbing, and bullshit could no longer be ignored and thank you for doing it so well that you got the monster who backed you all this time fired.

Did you really think the rest of the bigwigs at our company would cater to you like the guy you were screwing? The look on your face when your big production about quitting ended with you being escorted out the front door was priceless.


The store manager is a bitch

Location: USA
Job: Signing

Over the weekend we had a sale and my job is to set it up in 2 departments (there’s 9 of us and we all have our own department to set up and take down) and yesterday I had to take down the sale in my department. As any human I made mistakes yesterday and sales in one of my departments were low compared to last year.

This morning, the store manager called me out over the store speakers in front of everyone in the store (and she made it sound like she was talking to a 5-year-old) and made it seem as if it was ENTIRELY my fault. It’s not because I’m not the only one that has to deal with that department. There is the merchandisers who put the stuff out on the floor for customers to purchase as well as the people who mark them down to the lowest price 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% etc.Continue reading