Concentrate on yourself

Location: USA
Job: Server

Dear “Head” Waitress,

Maybe you should be more concerned about how you are on your own tables. I often have to get boxes for your tables. I often have to get drinks and refills for your tables. I have to find you to get your tables their checks because you are not around for your tables to ever ask you for that kind of stuff. You stick your big, fat nose into places it does not need to be in. If the boss if asking me if I want to pick up a shift, then let me answer. Instead of backstabbing me while I am right in there and getting the shift. Then you complain about how you do not want the shift to another worker. So right after you brown nose your way into the shift, you are trying to trade it away. You also take all the parties, even if you are not really capable of doing it at the time. But as you are doing both of the parties you are complaining about having to stay late because of those two big parties. You also let some people get away with doing no side work the whole shift and then expect me to it as soon as I come in. I am not even clocked in yet, and I am expected to make extra dressing when there are four other people who could have made it earlier.Continue reading


Back on track

Location: Canada
Job: Office

15 minutes into the meeting and everyone is still shooting the shit. I suggested we get back on track and stick the the agenda, and you shoot me down saying socializing is important. I even clarified that you are giving me shit for getting the meeting started – and you doubled down! Said summer is busy while we’re all covering vacation, but we need a chance to just talk. Sure! But not when 3 of you are talking and 7 of us are sitting there wondering when it will be over!


You better put your superiority complex in a bin!

Location: Newark, DE
Job: Data Scientist

Dear (self-appointed) boss,

You’re not even my manager. Quit treating me like shit. You hired me for god’s sake. Where was your genius brain during the interview process? Why weren’t you able to sniff out the fact that I didn’t have the skills that you now think I ‘should’ve known before I got here’ while interviewing me?

You are an incapable project manager and an incapable people manager. Your only goal in life is to put others down. That’s probably why you haven’t been promoted in years. Just do what you’re actually good at. Write code. Stop trying to do what you aren’t good at and kill everyone’s self-esteem.

Working with you is miserable.


I will never forget

Location: United Kingdom
Job: Care worker

Dear ex boss,

How dare you disregard my physical illness saying I don’t look the type to have it???

My illness does not have a ‘look’ and you would know this if you had done your homework on it rather than playing a sofa doctor.

I have test results going as far back as 2013. If you are disputing what the doctors have said then I plan to take you to court over the way you’ve mistreated me. You went on a two-minute rant about everything you don’t like about me on my last day.Continue reading


Incompetent or overworked? I can’t decide!!

Location: United Kingdom
Job: Administration


You’ve been working on our team for 6 weeks now and you left the company about a year before returning.

I find you very brash, loud and overbearing. Every single conversation is one you turn on to yourself and make it all about you. Why the managers chose you for the job I have no idea. I reckon they were overwhelmed by your complete and utter “me me me” attitude.

Why leave in the first place to come back anyway? Had trouble keeping a job elsewhere? Wouldn’t surprise me.Continue reading