Damn customers

Location: USA
Job: retail

I am soooooo fed the fuck up with these half wit dumb indecisive fuckers every single day I work. Nobody seems to care about the shit we deal with here. Managers are ALL useless!! 11.00 bucks an hour just don’t cut it anymore. I want to change departments so god-damned bad that I can taste it. They’re either going to let me change or I’m looking for another job with a lot less stress.


Fuck you, CFO

Location: Africa

C & S,
Your petty, childish bullshit has gone one step too far. No, you won’t get any HR shit over it, but you might hear from my anti-discrimination attorney. That will shock your non-existent brains back into action. I’m not cleaning the kitchen at work this week. I’m also no longer trying to control my employees’ outbursts. I’m going to twiddle my thumbs while they brow-beat everyone in the department to death. Every time I’ve tried supervising them, you’ve cut my balls off. They’re your problem now, bitches. I’m leaving for a better job with more money. Have fun with the annual mass-mailing that I normally handle. It gets more and more impossible each year. Fuck you both very much.


Boss Bitch

Location: CA
Job: Office

Dear bitch,

I can’t believe that you had to whine that you didn’t know what to do with the package when a mail man came to drop it off and all the staff were out for lunch. That’s what happens when you get people to do everything for you that you lose the skill to do the most basic shit. The world doesn’t revolve around you!!!!! The city is on fire for fuck sakes.


Here we go again

Location: USA
Job: Education

After working my ass off, here I am not moving up because I work in the city of Nepotism. Tomorrow we start, unprepared because people wanted to play, not meet.

God I hate my job, but everyone thinks I like it because I’m effective…

Torture. Pure torture with these adults.


Sweating my tits off

Location: London
Job: PA

Listen you son of a bitch. It’s 27 degrees in our office. I swear to god if you switch that air conditioning off once more I’m going to come over there and burst both of your breast implants with my pen! Here’s an idea – how about put some fucking clothes on?