Just do it

Location: Asia
Job: IT

Work was annoying today.

So, we decide to upgrade this software today (which my lovely engineers had fucked off for 3 weeks instead doing their work – they will forever be known as fuckers from now on). It was supposed to be simple and fast.

Of course not.

Of course hell to the fucking not.Continue reading


I hate lazy coworkers

Location: Norway
Job: Receptionist

I’m seriously thinking about leaving my job. I’ve hated being here since the first month I started. I wanted to give it a decent effort and try to work on solutions, but I’ve given up. My coworker gets on my nerves about every single day! She dislikes doing her job and gives smart ass replies whenever asked to do something, or she just doesn’t do it at all. Everything is to be done her way, or not at all. Innovation? Heck no. Effective work routines? Absolutely not. She works slowly, refuses to adapt to new ways of doing things and gets super stressed out whenever there’s more than one thing to do. I can sit swamped in work and five things needed to be done at the same time, while she’s right next to me (we share a desk) just browsing kittens online. When I ask her to help out, there’s always an excuse, so some tasks either I do 100% of the time or it wont be done at all. Yet, she’s extremely picky about sharing all other tasks 50/50, so much so that I have to interrupt what I’m currently working on to help out with other tasks if it’s “my turn”, as she says. Yet she’s not busy at all, still just browsing kittens and puppies online.Continue reading


Fucking miserable place to work

Location: Rochester, NY
Job: "Controller"

I am so trying to get another job. Resumes out all over. This place is fucking hell and now I get a guilt trip over leaving for 1/2 for lunch to go to Tim Hortons!!! FUCK YOU!!!!! I hope this place burns to the ground or the IRS raids you!!!!! Which I could have them do fuckheads. Too bad I feel sorry for the other fucks that work here so I don’t do that. Oh and your asshole favorite employees….. they suck but you can’t see it because you are too stupid. The emotional abuse that all the of non-favorite employees incur here are tremendous. DISGUSTING….


After all what I’ve done, I’m still treated like this

Job: Administrator

So I submitted my resignation last week to my manager, who is the GM of the company, and his response was “Ok”. I ask him if he wants to know why, and he says I could have done this before, as he didn’t pay me as agreed, didn’t enrol me in social security, blablablaa.

He forgot that I’m working in the place of two, with sometimes unpaid overtime, a factory with people with little civil behaviour, in a cheap office, and above all, I am stretched between him and his disrespectful and extremely disorganized partner. He forgot that both, him included, treated me like crap on some days.Continue reading


Bad employer

Location: USA
Job: Government

My employer does not demonstrate equal opportunity for all and is also biased toward favoritism, nepotism and special interests. Their own reports clearly show age discrimination. Hiring, training and promotion practices are often arbitrary. HR is low skilled and does not follow employment and disability regulations. Getting another job at another agency is not as easy as expected. Contracted pay terms are not paid. Those working earnestly are not equally paid like others who do the same work or most often unable to advance in this disrespectful organization.Continue reading