Administration and supervisor are jokes

Location: USA
Job: Nurse

I work with a nurse who seriously has Munchhausen. She will drug people so they shit their brains out. Now these are old people, so when they have the diarrhoea it’s a huge safety issue. She will make worse the mental health issues that our residents are dealing with. She tells higher ups, “Oh no, they don’t have behaviors.” So, here are these elderly people suffering. All the residents hate her. She’s a fucking psychopath. She needs to be in hospital and not working with the sick. We have gone to administration. Now we are the targets. I literally got called in the office today because I had said I don’t like one of the residents. I had a clean record until last week when I was written up for a meeting I did not attend. Administration has threatened the loss of my license and job. I love being a nurse but I’m starting to question if I can do this much longer. My supervisor told me last night, which was very busy and stressful, how the unit supervisor said I can’t wait til “the shit” nurse is back. The rest of these nurses on this unit are worthless and can’t do their jobs!! Is it bad I wish she would die in a house fire!?


Self-employed or employee?

Location: Asia
Job: Insurance

So, in my job, I’m supposed to be able to decide everything for myself. Where I work, how I work, when I want to work. That is the essence of a self-employed job… However, in my team we have several RULES. Rules in place made by a boss that stifles our own growth. My income is through commission and all these rules are unnecessary obstacles that are stopping me from doing more sales. My boss think these rules helped her so it’ll help me. But we are entirely different people. What worked for her may not work for me. I have tried to bring this up to her but she shoots it down saying that’s why I am successful and you are not. What a fucker! I cannot abide by rules that don’t make sense and every few weeks I’m getting lectures over not abiding by the rules. I bend them cause there are better ways to do sales. Her methods are too slow. And she’s slowing the entire team down..


My boss is a rat

Location: USA
Job: Cashier

My boss tried to pay me under minimum wage, almost didn’t pay me for my training, paid my almost co-worker more than me for the SAME job, yelled at me in front of customers, took all my tips, and treated me with a ton of disrespect. All in all, she’s a rat.


First workrant

Location: USA
Job: VP

I work in a school and five of us do all of the work. Our other admin gets to desk jockey with the opportunity to attempt to validate their jobs, stick on any concept or idea like a barnacle and get paid. They get to come in at 7 with a shit-eating grin, no responsibility that would let anything stick to them and assume no care in the world. I have actually written a song called ‘Sit on Your Ass’.

My boss? Bipolar psycho…. can’t make it for three days without falling apart…. loves to attack women verbally…. The secretaries are okay though. They can turn out the lights, sit in the dark and greet people behind a desk.Continue reading


Facebook queen

Location: USA
Job: administrative

Every single day my idiot “boss” comes in to work around 30 minutes late and as soon as she gets here she’s on Facebook. She may squeeze in 30-45 minutes of actual work altogether each day and really that’s being generous. Honestly, I don’t give a damn that she’s on Facebook but she’s always fucking nitpicking what everyone else does (except her favorites of course). This idiot is watching videos, commenting on posts… the whole spill. She is the manager so she has absolutely no accountability for her job, she just pawns all the shit she’s supposed to be doing on me. Between 900 smoke breaks a day and all day Facebook, she’s collecting a cozy 45k salary for not doing shit every year while everyone around her works their asses off (again, except for her little favorites). She does much more than just Facebook and I’ll rant about that later but I just needed to let that out.