This place is horseshit

Location: Australia
Job: Finance

Omg I’m so glad a place to vent exists. My manager is a fucking fat fuck face who cant organise shit and had a go at me for not reminding her when she forgot something (last time I checked, I’m not a mind reader). Her and the other fatty (who has the most annoying, loud and unnecessary throat clearing routine and thinks sneezing like a high-pitched hyena is endearing) are so repulsive. She leaves skid marks in the toilet and he looks like he’s about 9.8 months pregnant. When the outer office is going crazy with public enquiries, they’re both in his office laughing and talking about ice cream and whether type 2 diabetes really is a lifestyle choice. Grrrrr my whole working career is one horrible boss after the other. Who invented money and work?? There must be a better way.


Fucking Abusive Pimp

Location: Canada
Job: Analyst

My boss is an abusive pimp. He flirts with the girl sitting next to him everyday. He often gives me work 2pm saying that it’s due by the end of the day, while he got the work emailed to him like a month ago. I work so hard meeting those timelines, sometimes even working past 8pm, while the rest of the team pack up and leave starting 4:15. Yet, I never get any credit for the hard work and he recognizes the girl for every single small project that she does. That’s ok, but you are a fucking pimp. Fucking asshole.


F*ck Those Rude Shoppers


There is a woman in a lavender shirt who is an extremely rude asshole and just fucking being an asshole towards other people. Not only is she being a fucking asshole towards workers, but other people as well. That woman is a fucking asshole from the devil.


Lol ok bye c***


So boss keeps complaining about every little error that me and my coworkers commit, even the tiniest ones. Do you think that complaining about these errors to incite embarrassment helps us at all? To me I’m not seeing the shits I give for what it’s worth, but if it’s for your ego it sounds like you need to get remarried with a different strain of shit, you little slag. Probably lose the little hairs too. There’s more I know that you don’t know, so don’t come off like a big pretentious all-mighty sack head. Keep working for a company then I’ll be convinced that you make a perfect twat to ‘fit in’ with people. Also, keep talking publicly about your problems like a fucking child and you won’t have a job anymore, not that The Great Bottlelegs seems to take to heart. Get the hell out of here.

Have a nice day, asswipe.

Oh, and welcome to the club.


I want to quit my job and be paid 180k to do so

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Job: Therapist

I really really want to quit my job as a therapist. I work in an agency and see 8-10 clients every day, hour after hour. I really want to encourage people to not spend 180 thousand on a career such as this because you have a particular “passion.” It is a ridiculous amount of money for the amount of work I do. I have to write detailed notes; pages of assessments; treatment plans; be involved with doctors, social workers, etc; and document everything that I do. I’m sure that many people can handle this type of workload as my colleagues appear calm, cool and collected. I really think that I made a mistake. I wanted to be a counselor, because I care about people, am sensitive, am thoughtful about life and have other passions such as religion and philosophy which I thought might bring a creative and useful experience to other’s lives. However, I literally cannot keep up with the paper workload and I only receive criticism from supervisors. No one can see that I am good at my job. All they see is my stressed demeanor and my inability to turn in paperwork on time.Continue reading