Incompetent boss


Please stop trying to establish your authority by micromanaging everything. Here’s the truth, you absolutely suck as an engineer. I have honestly never seen code with such poor quality. The style is shit, the algorithm is primitive, the performance is dreadful. If the engineering team was just you I’m 100% sure this company will would go broke by the end of the year. You got us into this shithole in the first place. If you didn’t develop something that sucked this bad, or if you were even good enough to correctly calculate the performance level, we wouldn’t be in such a position where the investors are expecting a product in less than 2 months, while we’re really overhauling your entire method and starting something super complicated from scratch.Continue reading


Not your bitch

Location: USA
Job: Quality

My lead is the most arrogant asshole around. I am the only female in the lab, he let’s every man in there get overtime. I make the smallest error in paperwork, like not crossing a T, I get took to the manager’s office and get wrote up. I am doing some real job hunting. I make $20.84 an hour, I am willing to go to Walmart to work just to get out of there. Us in the lab were talking about when does a human start, I said that Jewish law says that they have to draw a breath. A co-worker asked how I knew that. I told him I was brought up Jewish. He looked at me and said my family is from Germany and we killed Jews. This guy was the lead’s friend, they just laughed. I hate my job and everyone in it.


Please don’t dump your problems on me

Location: Chicargo
Job: Customer service

I have this co worker every time she’s in the office she always tells me her personal problems, I try and offer some advice but she doesn’t want to listen or accept it. And she knows that I can’t work and listen to her fucking problems…so i pretend she’s not there and her voice slowly fades in the background along with the clicking of the keyboards and the multiple printers going off at oncea along with the phones on the desk…please just fuck off! Call dr Phil or Wendy Williams