Is work hell?

Location: UK
Job: Hospital Worker

I had a nice job of 8 years, I worked full time in a school in a happy environment…………then sadly I was made redundant. Since redundancy I have gone through 12 months of hell. I have been bounced along from patronising unemployment courses which involved sitting with vile people who had been to prison or kicked out of school, then I had various agency work, with yet more vile people, each time starting from scratch and trying to get to know people.

My current job started early October 2017 in a hospital. I had my hopes up thinking it was going to be a nice professional, well-run environment with good, caring people. Then the first day it sunk in that it was gonna be HELL.Continue reading


Why do I give a shit?

Location: UK
Job: Manager

I’m literally the only bloody one who stands up and gets involved. I challenge the status quo and get treated like shit for it. “It’s ok to have an opinion and talk about stuff” they say, but it clearly bloody isn’t. Trying to get answers just results in being accused of negativity and I’m sick and bloody tired of it.

I’m not a yes man, but it’s time to become a faceless number, just to keep my own sanity. They want nodding heads and soulless eyes, feedback they can ignore and people they can manipulate. Well then, you keep paying my fucking wages and I’ll shut my mouth and become another robot. Don’t always expect a higher standard from me, don’t rely on me to go over and above, and from now on, don’t expect me to give a shit.




Location: SA
Job: Accounts

Anyone else feel like someone is making them out to look bad just to try and prove they can do a better job than you or so they can STEAL your position??? This cunt tried it with me…fuck off! I’ll slay you any time..You fucking office RAT!!! You lazy piece shit, you can’t do what I do cause I’m simply better than you!


Great news… the company is laying us off!!

Location: Lebanon
Job: Administrator

Deep breath….

Okay, so I recently complained about my disrespectful manager? Well, they’re laying us off. No more money. Financial funding has ceased. Ha. And guess what? I’m being laid off without even a notice of 1 month. He’s keeping me here to work and get paid by the day, just this week.

Well, I’ve been here only for 6 months, so I think I can shake it off. But my coworkers have been here for 3+ years, and won’t compensate them for the years they’ve worked here. “I have no money, please understand”.

Get out of here. He has a second job, in the process of renewing his apartment, and we get the “no money” joke? You owe those people 2 months notice and minimum 6 salaries. Go to momma.

We’ll be fighting you legally. Wanna play with fire? We’ll play with a tsunami…



Location: USA
Job: Office

Almost 4 years I’ve been here and how I’ve stayed is beyond me. I come in late, leave early and take a lot of time off. They just won’t fire me, lol. I think I’m the hardest working person here and could care less about getting fired, written up, warned, etc… The GM is a condescending fuckface, old man sales guy is a douche, PM#1 is a white knight mangina simp, PM#2 can’t keep any workers cause he’s an ass to work for. Engineering is the laziest most pathetic group of them all. They are ALL overweight, hahaha heart disease. Their work is terrible. The female landwhale in the group was complaining out loud about her fat chin hanging up on a customer. You can’t make this shit up. Anyway, no raises, no processes, no organization, no communication, not happy. I have dreams about this place and I always have gas and matches in them.