Too much work!

Location: USA

Had to quit my job because they are disorganized. They can’t figure out how to keep the place running, constantly have to stop because there are problems, have people missing from necessary departments, and they shoehorn in people unnecessarily when they aren’t needed. For no reason one day, they randomly fired both hard workers and lazy people. And then they demanded everybody that remained with the company to work 70 hour weeks with no days off! I quit on Friday because I wanted the weekend off and a job with a proper work life balance.



Location: Texas
Job: Spa d sante

Policies are always changing, expectations always changing. The only consistent thing within this company is the fact that nothing is ever consistent. The high turnover rate with employees is mind-boggling. No rewards are given, no appreciation shown. No upper management support due to a constant turnover in upper management. This place is highly dysfunctional and when expectations are not being met, the owner gets mad and wonders why. Well, maybe it’s because nobody knows wtf they’re even supposed to be doing since things change from one moment to the next and you have people running your company who are poor communicators. They won’t fire anyone either. Why? Because they rather push them out, change their schedule and force them to quit so that way they will not be able to file for unemployment if they are fired. I’ve seen them turn on loyal employees who have been there for 15 years. The moment they express that they are finally fed up, the owner makes their life a living hell. Making them work day and night, heavier workloads, unrealistic expectations all in attempts to force them to quit. So quick to turn on people, no guidance or mentoring is given. People are thrown into positions just to fill a need. Then they wonder things fall apart. This is the most dysfunctional place I’ve ever worked at. I get migraines every day, don’t want to get out of bed. Everything else in my life is peaceful, fun and exciting except for this job. It’s draining. Rant Over.


Angry at myself

Location: Philippines
Job: Accountant

I am angry at myself for not being good enough. My boss is always telling me to take ownership of my work and to do self-review. I do. I just don’t feel that the work has any meaning to it. I work at a BPO company. The main work is to assume the role of the finance department of multinational companies. A lot of the work we do feels redundant. I know for a fact that the deliverables/outputs we prepare aren’t even used by the client. They give you an orientation that you need to give value to the client. but what if you know that what you do is counterproductive? I want to be better, I really do, but I can’t find it in myself to be. I feel the work I do is a burden to the client.


Favoritism and Lies

Location: Malaysia
Job: Teacher

I work in this international school located in one of the cities here in Malaysia. I have a BA degree and am working as a teacher advocate. I love my job, I really do, the environment, the curriculum. I contribute all of my skills and knowledge towards the betterment of the school and children. However, I am soooo done with the lies, bias and favoritism that the management has been showing over their favs.

It’s possible to be a main teacher there BUT they don’t and won’t give it to a local teacher. I have international experience working for a UK pre-school and they don’t even bother to inform me about the job vacancy. They only want to give it to expat teachers. The management aka team leader and principal looks down on the teacher advocates, only giving priority to their expat teachers and expect all tasks to be completed by the end of the day.Continue reading


First rant

Location: Canada

Ways my boss is not cool:

  • You are far from being the smartest or funniest person in the office. People dread talking to you because you talk too much about yourself.
  • Stop using big words on people who have English as a second language. It’s like you’re trying to confuse them on purpose.
  • It’s really sad that you have to keep bringing up stories of your teenage drug use as a way to make yourself sound cool.
  • Dropping the f-bomb every two minutes is tacky.
  • Being married to a black person is not a free pass to make black jokes. That’s just racist any way you slice it.