Overpaid Assholes

Location: United States
Job: Lead Supervisor

You spend 24 years of your life working for a company and the fucking upper-management assholes look at you as though you don’t know anything! They have been here less than two years and have already fucked everything up. Hired twice as many white collar jackasses than we really need to get all their fucking buddies in here! Most of the fuckers are dumb as a rock and have no common sense whatsoever! Then they push push push to get labor hours so they can cover the fucking enormous overhead they have created even though we have enough inventory to last six months. Go ahead you dumb motherfuckers and cut the jobs we really need and add more worthless fucks who do nothing! We’ll all make up the fucking slack even though we all are overworked as it is!

I hope your fucking car runs off the fucking road and you die you worthless piece of shit. Don’t worry we will get ours when the revolution starts in this country fuckers. Pussies like you wont last long!! FUCK ALL YOU FUCKERS!!!!


Disrespectful manager… haven’t I had enough of these?

Location: Lebanon
Job: Administrator

My boss is a disrespectful person. A micro-manager & control freak. He also doesn’t trust me. He wants to know about everything and won’t let me do my job tasks the way I want. He wants everything on the spot and if he doesn’t get what he wants immediately, he gets angry and starts yelling at me. When he does this on the phone, he hangs up.

I am obliged to tell him about every penny I spend for the office. I even need to get a confirmation to get a cleaning cloth!! Or ink cartridges necessary for the printing machine. He took away my autonomy and independence. I am doing tasks that which I did not sign up for at all.

I can’t wait to leave in a few months. When I’ll give his partner my notice, he’s going to hear so many things I’m biting my tongue for. This was supposed to be an upgrade, a promotion; yet still, I find myself having less autonomy than my last job as assistant. Oh lord.. help me keep my patience until I have enough savings to leave and change my career. Thank you.


Bitch please

Location: UK

What a TOILET of a job. Made all the worse by a steaming bunch of narcissistic blowhards.

It’s not that I’m NOT doing a highly complex job – it’s just NOT as complex as theirs. And they gas-light away any achievement I make. In two years, I’ve had NO career development training. I fucking hate these assholes.


You’re a delusional mess.

Location: UK
Job: Art Director

You have no idea what you’re doing to the studio. You suck the energy out of the room as soon as you enter. We don’t appreciate it when you bomb our creative concepts and then present them back to us days later as your own thoughts. It’s frustrating beyond measure. You will be the demise of the entire agency and that’s a fact. You completely over sold the job in the interview and my colleagues completely agree. You said you’d been using freelancers but had decided to build a permanent team, yet now it turns out that you retrenched almost the entire staff with no notice or severance package just months before employing the new team, myself included. Nobody feels secure in their position and you are the primary cause of the anxiety and depression that we take home with us on a daily basis. It’s painful just walking through the door every morning knowing that I’ll need to contend with several unpredictable personality switches over the course of the day.Continue reading


I Fucking Hate My Fat Boss

Location: USA
Job: Customer Rep

Everyone on the team hates this bitches gut. I mean EVERYONE. We all smile and pretend because we have to in order not to be fired, but this bitch is hated. And the hate for her is not limited to the team I’m on. There are others on other teams and even other units who despise this bitch. She cheats, lies, and steals. She is a hypocrite and a phoney. She is highly religious but evil, cruel, and backstabbing. She likes being the boss because she likes power over others, not because she wants to cultivate her team, but so that she has control over your life and career. You can do the best, or be the best, but she will find the smallest thing to make into an issue if she hates you.Continue reading