Imbeciles in charge

Location: England
Job: Sales Assistant

Cannot believe I was told to improve my customer service yesterday – seems it’s not good enough that we have to call for assistance the second ANYONE wants serving, even if the person currently being served is ONLY buying a paper FFS!!!! And it’s not enough that the fact that we are forced to accept this puts people behind on their evening work. Like, the other day ONE PERSON was fronting shop on his own while I (and one other person) was forced to do flash cards, and the micro managing, delegating manager wanted “in a hurry” – 3 days later!!! Never mind that the next day I was lumbered with a 6am start (a “brilliant” idea of the money-grasping owner who wants to make sure his lack of popularity doesn’t affect his shop) and could EASILY have continued cards THEN, as I had fuck all else to do, and was bored out of my mind/trying to stay awake. To cap it all, the shop’s yes man (aka supervisor) was telling me to “ring the bell” for the poor guy fronting on his own (hardly MY fault, though he seemed to think so at first). I said I felt bad about it, but what could I do? Manager’s word is law – enough if it’s the word of a brainless wanker!Continue reading


New Updates

Location: UK
Job: Unemployed

Woke up today several weeks after handing in my notice and I had a feeling I’ve not had in a long while. I was happy! Fuck me! What is going on?

I went back to the workplace today to tie up a few loose ends and yep the fuckcunt of my manager was there. It took me 6 weeks off from work just to realize just how much negative energy I had for the place.

Talking to some of my former colleagues, they were telling me because no-one worked New Year’s Day (no one had to) that they were all given informal warnings. I mean just what the blue fucking cunting hell is wrong with upper management in that place!? Also they are getting their 16th manager in 11 years soon. Made me realize I made the right choice by getting out.


Hell with fluorescent lighting

Location: United States
Job: Supervisor

I’m so glad it’s Thursday tomorrow. It feels like January has been the longest month. Two more wretched work days and my time is my own, for two measly days that is. Although Thursdays suck for me. I work with this total moron lady on Thursday morning. She’s in her late 50s and a bag of door knobs has a higher IQ. Seriously she’s completely stupid and messes up all the time but my boss doesn’t have to the balls to get rid of her.


Fed up of dick swinging

Location: UK
Job: Office worker

My boss is such an alpha-male dick swinger. Every conversation is about him and what he thinks. My appraisal was about him not me. He doesn’t give a fuck about his team but tells other people he’d jump in front of a bus for the team!! Absolutely bullshit. It’s all a front. Every opportunity if about one-upmanship against other men, droning on about how he works longer hours than everyone and solves everyone’s problems. No one on the team is allowed to do any work because he jumps in and fucking does it for us or tells us how to do it. It’s the worst combination of ego, overbearing and bullshitter I’ve worked with. Literally cannot deal with another ‘story’ about how he’s saved the firm and told everyone else what to do and how the organisation would fail without him. News flash, it wouldn’t dickhead, in fact it’d run better without your lies and bullshit. Fed up of the monologues that don’t go anywhere, being preached to, hearing the same story over and over again. He achieves jack shit apart from firefighting issues that he isn’t involved in, but he barges in and makes them his problem. I’m realising that 99% of the firm must think he’s an absolute cock and they are probably sick of him as much as I am. Fed up of him saying how great the culture is yet he’s the most toxic part with his ego gatecrashing every interaction. How the team gets on better without him and gets stuff done and he’s the blocker trying to stop our progress. So fucking toxic.


He’s F’ing Her

Location: USA
Job: Office

I can’t believe this married guy who has three kids, who tries to carry himself like he’s all that and a bag of chips, has been sleeping with the receptionist! The affair has been going on for over a year. He likes to brag that she takes good care of him, and no, he’s not talking about workplace snacks like everyone thinks. People need to open their eyes….