You’re a c***

Location: Chicago

Tammy – I still hate you, you’re still a cunt, and 1985 called…it wants its Farrah Faucet hairdo and acid-washed mom-jeans back! You insecure stupid little ho-bag. It’s no wonder that office was such a fucking mess; the cleaning crew couldn’t find their broom cuz its stick was busy being shoved so fucking far up your ass…so far in fact, that you would spit splinters every time you opened your fucking mouth to unload all your angry, bitchy, worthless shit at me. I can’t believe your husband fucks you. Surely if his dick hasn’t fallen off by now from your crotch rot, I’d be completely surprised. If I told you to kiss my motherfucking ass, that wouldn’t make me much of a lady now, would it? Suck it bitch!!!!!!!


Terrible people

Location: United States
Job: Tax associate

My current job is one of the most obnoxious jobs that I have ever had. We work for the public, yet almost everyone in our white-only office is racist. They actually have not hired qualified people because of their color, choosing to hire white, incompetent people instead. In fact the whole building is completely white. There are people in our office who have on more than one occasion told foreigners to go back to their own country if they can’t learn English, that this is America. Nothing is done about it. I was out with a couple of coworkers at the mall one day. We were walking behind a lesbian couple holding hands and one of my coworkers shouts out, “Oh my God, lesbians are so disgusting!” I’m quite positive this person is a closeted lesbian. This same person is also the office snitch. She’s so awful that she will just make up stuff about people to get them into trouble at work and our supervisors don’t even bat an eye to try and figure out if she’s telling the truth.Continue reading



Location: Singapore
Job: Content Specialist

So, I got this boss that likes to say he encourages questions. Except when you do ask him questions, he gets snarky real quick. The conversation went:

Me: Hey, boss. The client just told me she can’t make it for Thursday’s meeting and wants to reschedule to Friday morning only, because she’ll be busy the rest of Friday. So shall we reschedule the meeting to next week?
Boss: *Exasperated sigh through the nose* We have a workshop Friday morning, Felicia.
Me: Yeah. So, I was asking, shall we reschedule to next week?
Boss: *Exasperated sigh through the nose* The workshop I’m conducting is at 10am. Can’t you suggest 9am or 11am for the meeting?Continue reading


I dont have kids therefore I get no say

Job: Pot wash

I don’t have kids therefore I am one of 2 in our 27 person team who does not get a say in their shift pattern. Therefore I work all the shitty shifts. I get left all the work because, “You are here all week,” or, “I am not back for 5 days,” or the worst, “You haven’t got kids so if you get off late it does not matter.” WTF! If I asked one of my co-workers with kids to stay late, I would be hauled up in front of HR so quick Usain Bolt would not be able to catch me.

I understand that people should be allowed flexibility when they have kids but why is it they all want the same time off? Namely Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. They get to work the weekdays when we are less busy. Also some of these staff have kids that are at university so why do Mummy and Daddy need flexible working?? One of my colleagues has a “child” who is a lawyer but he still gets flexible working!!!!!

So is there anyone out there of any age that would like to be my child so I can work all the easy shifts?


Here again :-(

Location: Rochester, NY
Job: Controller

I hate my job so much. I hate my boss. He is an asshole. I wish I could quit but I support my family…pretty much sole breadwinner. I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT HERE. Going to look for a new job. God please grant me the peace that I need to start looking.