“Taking one for the team” again & again

Location: US

I don’t have to be talked down to by some sub-human entitled customer because our company does not communicate internally. I’m taking too many hits around here and I’m about to lose it. Why I stuck around when a competitor offered more money is totally beyond me. I thought loyalty meant something. Worst company EVER.


Lying manipulator

Location: Scotland
Job: Support work

Hahaha fucking ha. What a piece of transparent psycho shit. Colleague at work has been taking the piss since starting. Fake qualifications that were written ‘by mistake’. Four weeks sick a year. Is being pulled up for terrible performance in every way. Seeks sympathy from everyone else by bleating on about it. Tries to rope in the whole team by reporting sickness in a round-robin email designed to garner sympathy, with a fake apology for ‘being sick a lot intermittently’. Thing is, everyone is sick of the lies and sees right through them. No one cares, shut up. Fuck off and ruin a different organisation.


Suddenly they are interested in working!

Location: United Kingdom
Job: Charity

Lazy liar at work has spent the last 18 months avoiding work and lying about illness, stats, qualifications, timekeeping and casework. They have taken more leave than they are entitled to ‘by accident’. They arrive late and leave early, and would never volunteer to help anyone for any reason. BUT surprise surprise – a planning day held on a day they don’t normally work is scheduled. When we first talk about it, they ignore it completely. I think nothing of it. They find out someone influential is going to facilitate – someone they’ve worked hard to kiss ass with and SUDDENLY they are desperate to come!


Trained monkey can do it better

Location: United States
Job: Server

Never in my life have I seen such stupidity when it comes to management. They say, “If you have a problem, then come to one of us and we will take care of the situation.” What a fucking joke. The moment you do have something that needs to be addressed it’s, “I don’t know why you are coming to me with this negativity.” I don’t know, maybe because you are supposed to be the fucking manager, and if it is a problem, then it’s not exactly going to be a positive thing when I come to you now is it, you fucking idiot? I seriously wonder whose dick did you suck to get the position anyway?


Fuck work!

Location: United States
Job: Movie Theater Concessionist

Oh my fucking God. I have work soon and I am honestly dreading it. I work at a movie theater which isn’t so bad in itself but I am just tired. Sick of it, really. Tired of the stupid upselling policy in which we have to ask guests if they want to make their medium drink a large for fifty cents more. It just contributes to the diabetes and obesity epidemics in America. The food is overpriced crap. My co-workers are fairly nice but I’m not too attached to any of them. I get annoyed by the lazy ass ones who don’t do their goddamn job – they literally just hide in a theater on their phone or watch movies. Why go to work if you’re not gonna do your freaking job?Continue reading