Communication Breakdown

Location: Oconus
Job: IT

Our IT organization is horrible at communicating. If you are not in the same room as someone your information will not be disseminated or remembered. We have sections implementing changes with no notifications. Over half the people here are just in it for a paycheck with no concern about doing a good job. It is nearly impossible for someone to get fired no matter how shitty of a technician they are. You cannot show up for a week and still get a paycheck.


Lazy-ass bosses

Location: United States
Job: Cashier

I work at a restaurant and I’ve been working there for a few months now. My manager and assistant manager are the most incompetent and lazy pieces of shit I have ever worked for. They put up the work schedules for the week the day before, sometimes even hours before the week starts so I can’t plan my fucking life around my schedule. They also expect you to find someone else to take your shift if you become too ill to work. I had to do that recently when I became sick. I called the assistant manager, half conscious, saying I couldn’t come into work. She promptly told me that I had to find someone else to take my shift. Of course, couldn’t find anyone. I could go on and on about my managers not doing their jobs and when they do, not doing them correctly, but it would take too long.


The Constant Wrath

Location: New Zealand
Job: Woman Mechanic/Office Lady

I work in a very small company and by small I mean there’s 4 of us: me, my mum and stepdad, and this old guy who’s stuck in the way he was taught to work and act 50 years ago. I kind of just have to be fine with the way my mum and stepdad talk and act to me because they’re my bosses, but the old guy FUUUCCK he does the whole innocent act that everyone seems to think he’s having a go at them but it’s just his normal voice. NO OLD MAN IT’S NOT! He talks so bloody quietly that I can never ever hear what he has to say – like I feel like I need hearing aids yet I can hear everyone else perfectly fine. So I constantly have to ask him, “What did you say?” Then he turns around and says every word as its own sentence, saying it slowly as if i’m stupid and can’t comprehend stuff making me feel actually stupid even though I’m not.Continue reading


Psychopath boss

Location: USA
Job: Sales

WTF? Can’t you ever be sincere? Are you actually soul-less and emotionless or is it just a facade? Every time you approach my desk, I get the willies because I know what comes out of your mouth will be lies and fake rapport and I have to give you a fake gratuitous chuckle at your inane comments. Your intelligence works against you. How can you use your gifted talents towards being a power hungry ego-maniac whose obvious goal is to dominate and manipulate everyone you come across in life – including your wife and kids. Sad. Do you even have friends? It’s Friday, late afternoon, dead of summer and you just can’t find it in your heart to tell the crew, “Hey, our sales are up and you all deserve it…leave an hour early.” HA! Never happen. You fkng make me sick to my stomach I just wanna puke on your desk and fart in your face.


Assholes Who Think They Are Nice

Location: Somewhere in the U.S
Job: Real Estate

I don’t know why the guy I work with tries to show that he is a nice guy and he has authority but in reality he is a small dick wearing a diaper. I don’t know why these assholes even exist? How much does it cost these assholes to be nice and clean from inside? He is an assistant manager and he thinks that he is Superman!!! He tries to show off in front of ladies and every time he meets a lady, I can see how he keeps saying things about himself and that he does everything around here. I don’t know why the fuck these corporations hire assholes like that? It is a long story but the manager likes him a lot and they always hang out and shit doesn’t get done and the other workers have 0 experience…I don’t know what else to say besides that…it is extremely frustrating…