Bye-bye bitches. One way or another.

Job: Android developer

7.5 more working days in this shithole. 7.5 fucking working days. Here’s hoping I won’t get a fucking heart attack or a fucking stroke before that, even in my ‘tender’ mid-30s.


Twenty-Six Words is a Waste of Their Time

Location: Joplin

I got reprimanded for writing out the military call letters onto a piece of paper because that wasn’t a “wise use of my time.” I got reprimanded for writing down TWENTY-SIX FUCKING WORDS on a piece of paper because THAT was a waste of time!!!!!! Do you know why I did that???? I’ll give you a fucking hint!!! Here is is: I taped it to the goddamn telephone! The goddamn BROKEN telephone that I’m forced to use daily. IT’S BECAUSE I CAN’T HEAR YOUR FUCKING CUSTOMERS!!!! THEY CAN’T HEAR ME!!!! I wrote down the goddamn military call letters and put it next to the telephone so that I can do my job better, and I got reprimanded for wasting your goddamn precious time. I’m so fucking done. The CS website was down for 48 hours. 48 fucking hours I didn’t have the actual TOOL that I rely on to get your your goddamn numbers and I will be the one punished for that because the numbers I produced will be lower. I’m working with this fucking broken tech every fucking day. It never gets fixed; it never will. And because I actually did something to make the situation a little bit less shitty and frustrating for myself and the customers, I got reprimanded.