Hey Wolf T-Shirt: You are Useless!

Location: USA
Job: Clerical

Everyone knows you’re an OCD fuck up that makes $46,000 a year…and you do NOTHING. I mean, NOTHING. We have no idea WHY you aren’t fired. We know you just walk around the building for part of the day, making 5 minute info for clients into 30 to 60 minute chats. WTF. Every time you get a project you fuck it up and it gets taken away from you. Do everyone a favor and quit if the powers that be won’t fire you!


Get A Different Career

Location: USA
Job: Transcription

Used to be a great job, then big companies (and outsourcing overseas) and the low pay and stress and working all odd hours came into play. You have to buy the software and be responsible for your equipment. In return you get snooty supervisors whose only experience was once being your co-worker, but they decided to kiss ass and turned into “supervisors”. You basically get less pay than at a fast food place, even though you have as much knowledge as a 1st year medical student. The benefits are based on your “production”, which can change from week to week, so it’s unstable, and they constantly change healthcare bennies to whatever is cheap (i.e. no good).Continue reading


She Died – I Win

Location: USA
Job: Office

I worked with an OLD BITCH and she did subpar work, talked about EVERYONE in the office, constantly watched me (2 of us in one office), and told me I couldn’t take Fridays off. I took a Friday off because my daughter had surgery. “Well my daughter had surgery and I didnt take it off.” “That was YOUR choice.” It got to the scream and rant level. I gave 2 weeks’ notice and said there is no WIN, she is OLD and doesn’t want to change or ANYTHING to change. She refused to use a computer (too stupid) and used a TYPEWRITER. She was a legend at the community college office courses about THAT. Found out she died 3 years ago and was in a nursing home. I should’ve visited…bwahaha.



Location: Hell

It’s been said many times and in many ways, but I’ll say it again because it’s never enough: FUCK LAWYERS.


Do you want disgruntled workers?! Because that’s how you get disgruntled workers!

Location: US
Job: Pharmacy Cashier

The whole company….some associates and customers are sorry a-hole earwax frosted crotch cakes with vomit filling!! I’m tired of slaving away at a multi billion dollar thankless corporation who could care less about their loyal hardworking employees! Just another pharmacy cashier. Just another peon getting peed on! Something has to be done about this whole work environment! I’m trapped! I have to put up with being short handed every day! Don’t have time to even pee a lot of times because of long lines of customers and I’m stuck by myself so much! They refuse to hire more! I almost didn’t go back in after lunch today! Been at this place for 2 1/2 years and within 4 months, 3 have left pharmacy. Two more are leaving in another month! What does that tell you, you maggot museum!! Can’t wait to get the chance to leave and tell you to kiss my little white A and gag on my anal nuggets!! Ghetto trash #535!! I will then never ever shop for any other merchandise in this retail hell hole store location or recommend it either! Word of mouth goes a long way baby! Greedy money grabbing machine! I want a good raise! Accept any Dr note! Better PTO! Holiday pay back! Get all my breaks as company policy! More hired help! Good managers! TREATED FAIR AND WITH RESPECT!!!!!!!!!! All your people cry out for this!!! You soul sucking vampire giant!!