Holy shit I can’t take the stress!!

Location: UK
Job: Lamb to the slaughter

Why can’t people just get on with their own jobs? What use is bitching and nastiness in the office?! It doesn’t get you anywhere. Fucking alcoholic bitch, constantly lying and hiding information so I can’t do my job. I like what I do so why does she have to constantly try to drag me down?!!! I have never done anything to this bitch but she has always had it in for me. I need to leave now.


So Over It. Like, Totally.

Location: USA
Job: Non-foods Clerk

I hate my job. I hate my fucking job. I fucking hate my fucking job.

And I used to love what I do. For whatever sad and shitty reason, I used to love working in a grocery store. How pathetic is that? It’s a fucking grocery store. I used to love waking up and getting ready for work. There were really days when I enjoyed helping people, I enjoyed talking to customers, and I enjoyed doing my job – but fuck that noise. Day in and day out people will shit all over your day. I’d spend hours to make shit look good, to put product out for those morons and they just shit on you. These customers will shit on you and walk away without so much as a “please” or a “thank you”. I might as well carry fucking bath tissue in my back pocket to wipe all the shit customers leave for me.

So fuck you, Arthur. Fuck you, Deborah. And fuck you, Sharon. Fuck you and your five dollar lipstick that you don’t even know how to apply right. And get that dick out of your mouth, Tom. You look like a twat. You’re in public, you fucking nitwit.Continue reading


How Can Anyone Stand You?

Location: Iowa
Job: Medical Clinic

Ok, shelfbutt, I worked with you in the same building. You’d waddle that humongous ass from upstairs to 1st floor to gossip with our twitchy-faced incompetent supervisor. We would then get an email about how we were to obtain office supplies because someone didn’t get paperclips the correct way. We had our phones taken from our desks, so we put out our cellphones. We were told no holiday decor, yet other floors were able to do so (as did we once we ALL confronted that twitchy-faced neurotic). At your new job hopefully you do your own work and not run to another dept. to tell a weak-minded moron to set up idiotic guidelines like a satanic fat-ass sitting on someone’s shoulder whispering. Victoria’s a fat nobody, Billy’s a gigantic loser, and your husband is probably glad he dumped your sorry fat ass. Oh, and your voice could crack concrete.


Shut Up

Location: USA
Job: White Collar

Desist stopping at everyone’s desk and flapping those big yapping lips. No one wants to listen to your constant griping. We are professionals, so excuse us if we have actual business matters to concentrate on. Your concerns about your lunch delivery being late, having to mop up water again, etc are not our concerns. Your wretched personal life is not the least bit interesting. Also, you might want to try and learn what INDOOR VOICE means, especially when you start that witch’s cackle. It’s embarrassing when the public hears you. If your job was under our auspices, you would be fired.


Useless Big Ass

Location: USA
Job: Clerical

You sit on that ginormous ass and do little and think you should make as much as others. WRONG! Your knee surgery was due to you being grossly overweight and since then you REALLY do nothing and everyone else has to run your errands. Most people recover, but you milk it. Lazy POS.