Sorry Ass Bitch

Location: Texas
Job: Admin Asst

You had no clue as to what was going on in your department right under your nose. Your stuck-up, snobbish ass did not care and you let that fat, bitch of an office manager do whatever. Fuck you and Contract Management. I hope you, Shirley, Jeff, and that bald-headed bastard over Materials Management get shot in the head.


You stupid little c**t

Location: USA
Job: Go fuck yourself

Hey Agnes! Go fuck yourself, you insecure, demeaning, lying, sack of rhinoceros excrement. I’ve caught you in so many lies and exaggerations, it’s fucking pathetic. You can take your insecurities out on someone else now. You’re such an asshole. I’ve been on to you and your bullshit for months now. You’re not fooling anyone…I take that back…you’re only fooling your dim-witted idiot business partners, who like you, think their shit don’t stink. Mark my words, you miserable bitch…they’ll figure you and your bullshit lies out sooner rather than later and when they do, I can’t wait to hear about it.Continue reading


Stupid kids in charge

Location: USA
Job: Managing morons/company bitch

My company really needs to get their head out of their asses. I mean, seriously man. They ‘restructured’ the upper management last year in a feeble attempt to gross more profit, but all they ended up doing was displacing the good people who actually understood how to run a company, and replaced them with snobby morons who don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. Ok, enough anal references.

Anyway, this attempt at restructuring, re-branding, re-dipshitting, or whatever you call it has backfired big time. Well, I won’t get into all of it now since I am looking for other work anyway, but long story short: The amount of mistakes these idiots have inflicted on our processes has caused such a tremendous amount of stress that we have people quitting in droves. Not just any people. But people who have been here for years, some of them holding fairly high-up positions. So after a year of dealing with people walking out, what do they do? That’s right, blame the workers below them. You know, those scum bags who actually do all of the work. After all, it couldn’t possibly be the hierarchy’s fault that these lowly peasants are leaving. It’s got to be the fault of those on the lower pay scale…somehow.Continue reading


Why God Why?


Why oh Lord why did they have to hire this so called “human being” to be assistant manager? I just honestly have no idea why of all the fucking people in retail she had to be the fucking person. She has the motivational skills of a fish on the beach and looks like she is about to get outta bed all the time, and acts like she’s constantly got something massive up her ass.

I mean my God she always feels the need to point out how much “hard work” she does in the day, when she always bitches and moans every time she has to do something as menial as serve a single customer, and my God can she do anything by herself? She always feels the need to have everyone but me help her out with some easy as fuck task while I am by myself out front dealing with the most annoying stupid kinda people you could possibly imagine, and whenever anything even a little bit wrong happens she’s gotta blame me for it even when I am not even in the store for the last week, it’s somehow my fault.Continue reading


Electricians are morons!

Location: USA
Job: Deal With Fucktard Electricians

I hate electricians. They have NO IQ, are itinerant hobos going from state to state actually doing electrical work. I’m surprised the whole U.S. hasn’t burned down by now. They don’t know how to read, speak English, and have fake IDs. The ones that do are too stupid to complete a simple form with name and address. I’ve seen fucktards take an hour to fill out what should take 3-5 minutes! And why do they have to fill out a form? Here’s why, fucktards, because it’s a JOB. And they drag their FAMILIES from job to job. So, yeah, their shallow gene pool is producing more open-mouthed, drooling, empty-headed, fucktardettes. Multi million dollar companies (rhymes with DOOGLE and PACEBOOK) are counting on these top-shelf fucktards to actually WIRE their businesses. Next time you see one of these fucktards in Dale Earnhardt glasses and a free neon t-shirt, back away so the stupidity doesn’t give you cooties.