I shaved my legs for this?

Location: San Francisco
Job: Development Director

Where do I even start?

I took a 20K pay cut for this position, because “the organization has so much potential; I know I can make a huge impact.”

What a fool I am.

I am a grant writer, I love writing, I love research, I love program evaluation – and translating all three into a compelling narrative that inspires foundations to reach deep and give big. I left a job I loved, absolutely loved. I loved the people I worked with; I loved that I could be myself. I just plain loved going into work every day.

Then I found out my boss was secretly job hunting, and there’s no way I was going to absorb her role: Director.Continue reading


Shoot me now

Location: Scotland
Job: Admin

Fuck me, I can’t take much more of this shit.

Working in an open plan office is the most soul destroying experience ever. Colleague never stops talking or making phone calls. Probably only does five minutes of work a day.

There’s a few ok people in the room, the rest are fucking cretins.

Cannot wait to quit this job and break that shitty radio on the way out.



Location: London
Job: Facilities assistant aka mindless butler

Let’s get one thing clear. Today was the first and the LAST time you EVER speak to me like I’m some secondary school retard. I don’t care if you’re the manager. I don’t even care that I usually like you as a person.

It doesn’t happen again.

Know why? Because my side-business is finally starting to take off. Guess who’ll be getting kicked to the curb while I make MUCH MORE money than I am in this fucking excuse for a company? Enjoy the place that time forgot because while you’ll all be there for the next 10 years, I’ll be moving onto bigger and better things.

And how I’ll laugh to myself…


I fucking hate this job

Job: Android Developer

The only good point of this shithole is salary, which I won’t be getting for much longer anyway.

First, they hired me to make an app on probation salary and then kick me out when the probation is over. They didn’t even bother to close the vacancy on the job site, and they keep refreshing it. I checked out of morbid curiosity several times.

Second, the HRs are passive-aggressive bitches. I’m an Android developer, and they officially hired me as a _Web_ developer. What the fuck? I tried talking to them, they unloaded a load on crap about the higher ups not giving a fuck. The next thing I know… they hire an iOS dev, and his title says “Mobile application developer”. When I asked the HRs why, and would they change my title too, they said “they’ll think”. Bitches.

Third, there’s an unpaid working first Saturday of month. What the fuckity fuck? And the contract clearly says that the working week is “no more than 40 hours”.Continue reading