Dear God

Location: Heaven
Job: Guardian

Dear God, Thank you for thy blessing to take me away from a place filled with hopeless lazy assholes. I busted my ass for these so called superstars who do not do much during regular service and do somethings on projects. I am stuck doing a godforsaken task. I had abandoned all hope, dreams, and let harsh reality set in. I was not a part of the team and they didn’t give a fuck about my pain, sweat and tears I had to put up with for a year and a half. None of these assholes was willing to do my job. Thank god the big boss asked me to move elsewhere so I have a chance to move up, do everything, but the devil’s deed. Thank god you are there. Please tell these losers I said goodbye and good luck finding my replacement. Oh wait there isn’t one because they cut your staff and you have to do the crappiest job in the whole realm. Good luck jerks! Bye
PS. Fuck Off! Fuck you and good riddance.


Chaos Muppet


My work is time-sensitive. I am used to that and plan accordingly – though this doesn’t help against my Boss, the Chaos Muppet. They don’t work quickly to begin with, but make things worse by working in a fashion as little organized and least efficient as possible. When a deadline pulls close, I can expect their half-done and convoluted shit to get dumped into my lap to finish. When challenged, they spend incredible amounts of energy to argue in circles for up to an hour or longer for why they shouldn’t have to finish their own work. After that they still dump it on you. So I usually don’t argue except for extreme cases, do what they say to get them out of my hair and try to finish as quickly as possible.

Tonight was a beautiful, shining example of how their behaviour really messes with me.Continue reading


Children’s Place of HELL

Location: United States
Job: Sales Associate

DO NOT WORK HERE. Managers are horrible!!! One second they’re on your ass making sure all the clothes are neat and edged to the table and then the next day, when I know for damn sure they were closing, the store looks like shit! I mean food everywhere, wasn’t swept, clothes are not fucking edged. Then they all have different ways of running the stores. One says you have to call Customer Service to change the email for the rewards program, another says you can change it online, and then someone else says just sign them up with a new email.

Also one of them asked me to do a return for them AFTER I CLOCKED OUT AT ANOTHER STORE which I am fairly sure is illegal. Another time she made me stay after I clocked out to put away hangers and put backs even though I had to get to my other job (which she knew because I had to change my schedule for it) even though I’ve seen on multiple fucking occasions other associates leave without cleaning their fucking stations.Continue reading


SO fucking stressful

Location: NY
Job: Restaurant Manager

Staff sucks ass, have to train so many fucking idiots. Can’t find any decent ones because owner doesn’t want to pay them well enough. OPEN every fucking day. I have to prep, I have to cook, I don’t even get to manage. I just do what the owner wants. Why the fuck don’t you just become the manager if you are so persistent in micro managing? FUCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!


Circle of Regurgitated Stupid

Job: Legal

I’m sitting at my desk and I was feeling buyer’s remorse for buying these really expensive noise canceling true wireless ear buds yesterday. Did I really need to spend that much money? Was it really worth it?? Yes, yes it was. Not even an hour into work and I have to hear the Queen of Misinformation prattle on the wrong information to one of our co-workers. We work in legal. If you’re wrong and don’t follow the proper procedure, it could cause a lawsuit for our company and the loss of a lot of money. Her Majesty pretty much either makes stuff up in her head as to how things are supposed to be or misunderstands directions she’s given. Then she repeats her incorrect information a hundred times over to our law firms and co-workers. And you can’t correct her – if she believes that she has any expertise on anything, she will dismiss everything you say because she knows better.Continue reading