Why is retail dying?

Location: US
Job: Retail

Everything is online now. Why does everyone hate retail so much? Why are customers a nasty bunch. I honestly believe it should be eliminated as a lesson to all people to treat people with dignity and respect. No we have no control over prices. You bully people because you’re selfish. You bully others for being selfish. Yeah it’s a disease that just needs to go. Seriously people treat people with respect. It goes a long way. I hate people because of this reason…


I feel so much better.

Location: Purgatory
Job: Slave

I realized now I do not hate my job it was that one task. Price changes made me feel I was not good for anything. I had to look forward to that every week and try to always get out of it. Finally when they asked me if I wanted to move to another location. I took it to get away from it. I was offered more opportunities than my old place. I am way happier and more care free and able to work better. I’ve tried my best for that, but I was not cut out for that particular task. Since I am the trainer for my new location I am way happier. The other place I called hell, I will never return there as long as they only want me to do that task. This place gave me a better deal. I am so grateful I get to keep my job.

The hated task drained all my good energy and made me damaged goods. Now I have a fresh start. Thank goodness for that! ????????????????????????????


Does anyone read email?

Location: US
Job: Manager

I constantly take steps to communicate, via email work in progress as well as completed work for the folks that depend on my work. These emails are obviously useless, as very likely, someone, or many, will call to see if the unit they need at that time is done, When you politely tell them they have been notified, they just huff and say they don’t have time to go back and look, its just easier to call. So the conscientious worker (me) is treated as the petty one. If brought up for discussion at a higher level, it is always suggested to “just answer the question” as if I am the trivial one.

If I was asking questions already answered, I would feel like an idiot for not using the info at my disposal. I guess I am very different from most. Anyone else have this situation?



Job: Legal

This is a shout out to my new manager. She handled yesterday’s meeting like a champ, all the while being berated for something our previous manager didn’t take care of. This thing blew up in both of our faces. I can just hear that petty, narcissistic biotch laughing at her new desk in another building. Before she left, she said she was going to train our new manager as little as possible because she didn’t like how the new manager’s application looked and that she got picked anyway. She didn’t appreciate how the new person didn’t swing by her desk and ask about the job before she applied for it. She is so damn petty and selfish. “You didn’t do what I wanted you to do, that you should instinctively know, so now I’m going to punish you for it.” That was my old manager. If this would have happened to her, she would have taken my head off. Luckily, ding dong, the witch is dead and there’s a new sheriff in town. I expected shitty behavior, I expected at least a mild freak out. You know what I got? “Please check everything so we have a trail as to what happened. We have to go through our stuff to make sure this is just a one off situation or get to the bottom of a bigger issue if we have it.” Professional, telling me it’s going to be ok and that we’ll take it all in stride. I feel like garbage that she had to go through that in her first two weeks and I’m mortified that the integrity of what I do may now be questioned, but this is still so much better than it was.Continue reading


Are you fucking kidding me?

Job: Medical Lab Scientist

Okay, I was fed up and tired last time…but this time is ridiculous! So I bust my ass off, running around, trying to get my job done. This bitch doesn’t have enough respect or decency to ask me herself if I can help her do her job. She has to go through my boss, the middle man, in order to communicate to me. I don’t mind doing the work, but she doesn’t even say thank you! This bitch is passive aggressive and totally gunning for me. I dunno what she has on my boss, but she’s always taking her side…calling in like half the staff for any issue this bitch has with people. I’m so stressed out, my chest hurts, hands shaky, and can’t fucking see straight. Once I find an opportunity, I’m going to run…run away as fast as I can and never look back. I bust my ass trying to keep shit together, while this bitch doesn’t even do half her job…wtf? And I’m in the wrong? Are you fucking kidding me?