Inside voice please

Location: USA
Job: I can't work

If I can hear your voice with my noise cancelling headphones on with hip hop cranked to volume 50 to the point where it hurts my ears to not hear your stupid mouth, you talk too fucking loud!!!


I hate people…


People annoy me. They get under my skin. I have to force myself to get along with them. They annoy me to a point I wish I was a hermit. Clique, drama, immaturity, just plain insanity. Dear god let me be happy…no more people jobs.


Condescending bitch coworker

Location: USA
Job: Administration

I screamed in my car how about that?! I have a fucking annoying as hell coworker. Luckily she works in a different state but every.single.time. she talks to me about whatever needs to get addressed she is condescending!! Nothing is ever good enough. The bitch is not a manager either. But I wish evil things on her on a daily basis. Funny thing is – the people who work with her are great. I don’t get it. To top it off, I have been in the workforce for 20 years so I’m not a Rube. I really wish there was a high class way to tell her to go fuck herself.

To all the nice people out there – #youareawesome

To the nasty people all of us are writing about here #fuckoffandgotohell


Hayop na printer yan

Location: Philippines
Job: Manager

Putanginang buhay to lahat na lang nang pasakit nasaakin putanginang trabaho hayop na epson d pa sumabog asking me to get 4m revenue in 2 days am i god to do that what the fuck she know i cannot do it she knows that is impossible with all the shit that clients said fucking slow sell out naghihit daw dati e putangina nag uundec ung mga un e mataas talaga sell out ako pinagbawalan baka mahuli kingina ninyo pala e puro kayo sisi isa pa yang punyetang jason na yan d pa kunin ni lord ako pa daw weak putangin lahat nang tao badtrip sayong kinangina ka magka aids ka sana


Tired as hell

Location: The great depths of Hell
Job: Medical Lab Scientist aka slave

Okay, so I’m so tired of this bitch giving me the silent treatment and my boss being her guard dog I finally am going to talk to her. I can’t live in this hostile work environment with passive aggressive behavior, that she condones, anymore. At what point is it okay to be treated like someone’s slave in this day and age? She tells the boss she needs help, boss looks at me and tells me to do it…she doesn’t say thank you or anything…hence passive aggressive behavior. I have received her childish, silent treatment too long. Now she’s got the the boss all over my ass, watching me, even though I am a model employee. Grow up people and be professional! We are not in grade school playing the telephone game. Everywhere I looked for help with this pretty much says to cater to the person’s needs and check with normal people that they agree, so you don’t seem crazy…wtf? If we don’t correct people’s violent behavior and cater to it…we make for some fucked up people in the world, don’t you think? This person, and I don’t know how many other people, are manipulating everyone to their will and no one can do anything about it? That’s just bat shit crazy! I think that people should say, “Nope if you need help, you should ask nicely and say thank you.” Be grateful someone is willing to help your sorry, pathetic ass. We will see how this goes…may not have a job…or may continue being someone’s personal slave, like the rest of my colleagues that challenged this passive aggressive bitch. Oh dreadful, dreadful day ????????