I hate my boss part 4

Location: Salt Lake City
Job: Business analyst

I don’t understand how you can be a manager and not have basic courtesy and email writing skills. I always want to respond to her by addressing how condescending she is toward me.


Why can’t people just stfu and eat?!

Location: Cuyahoga Falls
Job: Shift Manager

Ok, so the other night, I had a dude come into my restaurant and demand me to allow him to turn up the TV that has CNN on repeat (another annoying feature). I advised him that I wasn’t able to do what he requested because of corporation rules. He then immediately turned into the biggest asshole I have ever had to to serve. His whole attitude and mannerism changed, from then on he ignored my questions for what sauce he wanted with his nuggets, and to top it all off folks! He took time to call my corporation in New York and personally complained against me saying that I was the worst manager he has ever seen, lie, lie lie.

On my day off yesterday I actually was fighting to keep my job, all because some republican asshat had to hear what Trump was mumbling about…seriously bro, grow up. Look, fast food workers already have to see and serve this food to you (public), do you honestly think we want to? In most cities this job is all that is available. So stop telling us to get a “real” job and shut the hell up about it already. You keep coming in and ordering food, so if it isn’t a real job, then stop paying us money to make you shit food…


I hate my job

Location: Washington
Job: Claims

I work with a bunch of lazy asses. They have no problem shoving their work onto me and then bitching about it when I can’t do it all for them fast. They whisper and gossip and talk shit behind everyone’s back. Apparently if you fuck up you move up at my job. Maybe I should just do less work and see how far that gets me.