I drink a lot

Location: Somewhere in hell
Job: DIY

I actually like what I do but this company is the worst I’ve ever been a part of. From CEO to management to pee-ons, ALL DOUCHES. I’ve passed on promotions because I like what I do and I’m just skating until the next opportunity comes up outside of this place. Also never been in such a “clicky” environment. I guess people don’t like me cause all I do is work at my desk instead of wasting time socializing with coworkers. I don’t want to smile, I don’t want to say hello, just let me work.



Location: Washington
Job: Slave

I hate being on call. I don’t know why I¬†accepted this promotion. All you bitches that made this position to be the greatest thing ever suck. I used to be freaking happy now this job is sucking the daylight out of me. I’m actually happy I got sick today so I wouldn’t make it to work…I dread working…and listening to bitching after bitchery. Why can’t I just have a trillion dollars and call it good? Two more days until I’m free again.


I am disgusted by the lack of intelligence people have

Location: Florida
Job: Insurance

I have been at my job for over 10 years! I have busted my ass and worked thousands of hours of overtime and I cannot get a promotion no matter what I do because my department doesn’t want to lose me. They are nasty lying witches, all of them lie and say things will get better and they never do. They say to go to them with complaints and when you do you are shit on. This is $1 billion company and no one knows what they are doing. To top it off they keep sending all the American jobs to India. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want my important medical records and coding handled by people who do not have a full grasp of The English language.


God help my poor soul

Location: Help
Job: Garbage

I cannot stand customer service jobs and retail jobs. I have poured my heart and soul into these meaningless jobs and get nothing, but shit pay. Being a good person isn’t enough in life. I am not as pretty or have any skills. I have been in college, but it got too expensive for me. I wish I was smarter than this. I wish I could be a faster learner. It’s just I don’t think you’re really there, but just an illusion. My skills just suck and I am stuck. I don’t think I am that lazy, because I work my butt off. However, there isn’t anything out there. Maybe I am just forgotten and just meant to disappear and just disappoint others. Maybe you just don’t love me anymore. Or maybe you’re just an illusion or I just have shitty luck. Whatever it is. If there is a god… Save my soul… What is it I can do? There are not many options.


Sick of picking up your slack

Location: Nowheres ville
Job: House keeping

Every f’in time I go into work I have to pick up after my LAZY inefficient co workers, they leave behind full garbages and unfinished work…it’s almost as though all of them have a form of mild retardation where they are unable to complete simple tasks…I mean, things that even a trained seal or monkey can do. I think they are even too dumb to realize the dissapointment I feel for them each and every time I punch the time clock. Not only that but this stupid lazy cow who works front desk has been flirting with me. I overhear him complain about money all the time in front of me like I can help him…seriously either get a second job, stay home or just stop whining because you ain’t getting a penny out of me…and I don’t even know you anyway so please stop thinking you can get with me!Continue reading