Job: Legal

Ok, I’ve voiced how much I hate the chain of command, but my boss just took it up a notch.

Scenario: One of the bathroom stalls is backed up. I can see the manager of Facilities from my desk, so I walk over and let her staff know that bathroom is stopped up. Enter my boss in bitch fit mode – “Why would you go to them, I’m your boss?” “Chain. Of. Command.” “I can’t believe I still have to tell you about this.” Seriously bitch? Are you that retarded? Oh wow, there’s an issue that a specific team handles, let me go to that specific team. Why the fuck would I go to my manager over such menial bullshit when she has a fuck ton to do? Seriously? How much of a control freak do you have to be, to be pissed off that I didn’t go to you over a bathroom stall malfunction? I can’t stand this bullshit. And who the fuck are you to talk to me like I’m brain dead? Her tone…her fucking tone!Continue reading


Change My Mind

Job: Legal

I really just can’t stand this company. I don’t think it’s just the company, I think it’s any situation where there’s a command structure. I think it’s claustrophobic and mostly stupid. I don’t belong here. The worst part is that I have no idea where I belong. Should I go back to school and get a degree in something I find just as shitty and boring? I’m just amazed at how well I do in convincing myself that something is ok when, deep down, I hate it.Continue reading


Red Tape

Job: Legal

I really can’t stand red tape. I can’t believe that I work for a corporation. My boss convinced me to take this job three years ago and she’s done a great a job with getting me acclimatised to “the chain of command” – you know the “the person right next to me can give me the answer, but I have to go through 5 people to ask the GD question.” I’m not going to lie, there were times where that whole “chain of command” thing has saved my butt. But I’ve been here for 3 years, I have more autonomy than any of my teammates, and I understand that when a managing attorney tells you to do something – screw the red tape and do it. Again, if someone asks why, you tell them the managing attorney told you to and you’re in the clear.Continue reading


When Management Comes Out To Play

Location: Romania, Iasi
Job: Senior Software Engineer

Right. Let’s set up the scene, first. We have a software engineering firm, let’s name it ‘Fried Eggs And Expired Bacon, Inc.’. We have a group leader, let’s call him Viktor, who’s pushing 40 years, and has been in the firm for maybe a decade. And then we have the author of the rant, let’s call her Eve, who has been with the firm for 5 years, working as a (now senior) software engineer.

Spring is usually a very busy season for this firm, as most clients re-voice their needs and wants. Even though those have been acknowledged some time ago. But ignored. Or buried under a pile of shitty planning. Because everything is so poorly planned, it is only when the customer starts getting pissy, that tasks actually get to developers. And of course, they have to be finished yesterday. And most certainly, they lack the details needed to actually implement them. Even though there have been meetings upon meetings, for these tasks. But you, as a developer, were never called. Your opinion was never requested. You had no idea of the existence of these tasks. And yet, there they are, in your task backlog, with a red glimmer signaling their urgency. And then you read the available documentation (if any!) And then, you start asking QUESTIONS. Because not much of it makes sense.

That’s the story of Eve, and a little task that welcomed her, right after her 3-weeks long vacation.Continue reading


Still not over the BS

Location: Auburn,AL
Job: Retail

During my college years, I worked in a college bookstore. At first, I enjoyed my job but as the years passed, things got pretty shitty. This weird customer kept coming into the store (sometimes multiple times a day). I understand that it’s on campus and that they may have had some free time but COME ON, is it really that necessary?? Another reason why I hated my job was my manager. She was an absolute bitch. She talked about customers and employees behind their back, she had temper tantrums and would take her anger out on the employees. My coworkers and I followed each other on social media ( unprofessional but it was just a retail job) and every time I posted a picture or status she would like it unless it was related to Greek life. She did this until I got tired and blocked her on all my social medias.One of my parents had to havesurgery and when I told her that I needed to take time off, that bitched sighed and said that was alumni weekend….umm my parent is more important than my job. Her reaction to that was the last straw and that’s when I knew that it was time for time to find a new job.When I told her that I got a post grad job, she said that I would be begging her to give me my job back…. who the fuck says that to an employee? Anyways that’s the story of my shitty time working at a book store.