Bathroom etiquette

Location: USA

I am not a fan of defecating in the mens room at work, but a couple times week I need to, as do many others. No judgement.

What I do judge is those who have no courtesy for others while doing so. Here are some basic rules to make this experience easier for everyone.

1. When you enter the bathroom to crap, and see that one of the stalls is occupied – move on, find another bathroom. No one wants you sitting 2 1/2 feet away from them loudly emptying your bowels and grunting, separated only by a thin wall that neither reaches the ceiling or floor.

2. If the stall door is closed, someone’s in there. The doors swing open when no one is in there. Do not attempt to barge through the stall door, and for the love of Christ, do not peer through the slit in the door to see who’s in there.

3. Do not slam the toilet seat.

4. If you’re using the urinal while someone is in the stall, do your business and leave. People are concentrating. No one needs to hear your version of how “the game” unfolded last night. No lingering.

The above general rules will make the bathrooms more pleasant for all.


Passive aggressive lazy entitled incompetent


All the stereotypes about long term government workers being lazy, incompetent and passive aggressive are so true!!!! Today I had some witch lie saying she had given us crucial information about a project when she hadn’t. And then she had the gall to act like we should try to fix her mistake. And they never read the documents they are required to read for their jobs then ask 26,467 questions answered in those documents! Do your job! And then passive aggressively asking “why did you not consider us”, complain, complain without ever being part of the solution! Refusing to respond to emails or go to trainings and then wondering why they have trouble doing anything. Government employment is the greatest welfare program ever because 80% of these people would be unemployable in the real world.


Why am I even here?

Location: China
Job: Engineer

I really should have never came back to China. These people are fucking ridiculous. They fucking EXPECT you to work on weekends for free because they set the product release date way too early. And no, instead of rescheduling it we have to come in on weekends and work 9 hours in exchange for one extra vacation day this year. Last Saturday I had a schedule conflict so I came in for 6 hours. I told them I wanted to come in on Sunday instead, but they forced me to come in on Saturday. And then they fucking told me it didn’t count and I wouldn’t get any compensation for working extra hours, squeezing my own time to make time for office. Are you kidding me I bust my ass off for you, I fucking rushed over as soon as I was done and went home at 9PM, and I don’t even get paid. Stop telling me this is how China works. This is not how I work.Continue reading


Fed up and tired of being harassed

Job: Medical Lab Scientist

Okay, so I’ve been at my job for 8 years now. I have an ongoing issue with some stupid bitch who won’t get off my ass for a minute! I was listening to music at work and the sound was on one…she told me to turn it down, it was too loud…seriously? Then, she expects me to do her work when she is rude to me. I try to avoid her, but wait…what happens? She goes and tells the fucking boss that I help everyone but her and that she didn’t like my tone. Boss lady told me I had to fucking apologize for the way I was talking to her. Does she think THAT was going to make me help her? She confronted me with a dirty look and her screeching, mousy voice (so fucking annoying), telling me I help everyone but her in a stern, motherly tone. So IĀ asked her if she needed help, she was like, I don’t need your help. So, I was thinking…I’m definitely not going to help her EVER! After talking to me that way.Continue reading



Location: West Sussex
Job: Store Manager

Simple. I can NOT FUCKING stand it when fuckers come into the shop and never reply or acknowledge when I greet them and say hello. It’s SO rude. I’m not a robot and I don’t care if you’re a customer. If you don’t at least acknowledge my greeting of kindness you can fuck off and I won’t even assist you. Fuckers.