A Threatening Manager


So I was sick with the flu and called into work after finding someone to cover my shift like we are supposed to do. On the phone call letting them know I was yelled at and told I’m not reliable, and he would be happier to give shifts to the others who are reliable. He later proceeded to say if I didn’t want to work then I can hand in my notice. Also then said if I missed another shift that I wouldn’t get any shifts for a month.

We work with food I can’t go to work when I’m throwing up. I’m also the one who always tries my hardest to pick extra shifts up, works my ass off and yet I get yelled at for calling in for one shift. ONE SHIFT. I haven’t called in to work for almost a year yet I get treated like this.


The Produce Master

Location: Ontario
Job: Produce department

I work in the produce department of a higher end grocery store. The dept manager is useless. Fucks around all day till around 1pm. Then begins writing the order for the next day. Takes 3 hours for some fucking reason, then goes home. WTF.

He will never work an evening to close up the dept, so he has no idea what actually happens in the evenings during our busy times. On weekends when we’re getting slaughtered, he’ll go off and find other nonsense to waste time with instead of actually getting his hands dirty. Like fixing shelves or dusting the back room. Really?!?! Dusting?!? Yes! Or fixing the squeaky door which leads to the backroom. Throngs of staff needing to get by on both sides and he’s fucking around.Continue reading


Animals are better than people


I work in corporate. I thought long ago that it’d be a dream, I guessed like in the movies HAHAHA but in reality I walked into a bully zone.

Set up so bad that they thought I would leave – I didn’t, so fuck you – they never gave me the chance – fuck you – they never coached me the right way, set me up to fail – fuck you – you smiled and talked about me behind my back right where the cubicle wall is right next to me – FUCK YOU!! – you pieces of shit no self-esteem assholes – miserable bastards – you thought I’d give you the satisfaction of leaving just because – fuck you and your mother – the department did nothing about it – perhaps they are just like them – maybe they’re in cahoots with the rumors they spread – fuck you – corporate my ass!

You mother fuckers suck dick while trying to look like you do nothing wrong – fuck you and your families! You don’t know how to be friendly – you talk about everyone and each other! You sad fuckers – I hope everything falls to shit!!



Location: Ottawa
Job: Rental Agent

Recently the property manager of a large company tried to fire me a person of color to hire a caucasian. She made up random stories about me having bad customer service which makes no sense because I have 8 years customer service experience. Also absolutely nobody complained about me, to her I believe she had planned it to remove me and then insert her new family member. Also did I mention that she was related to everyone she worked with. All other employees are related to her expect me and maybe that did not work for her. Well it backfired because I quit due to a promotion at my second job before she had the chance.


I’ve had enough


Seriously what were you thinking when you agreed to hire him? He’s completely the wrong fit. And now I’m stuck with him sitting next to me all day every day breathing heavily down my neck. No concept of personal space. He won’t last and now you want me to find the reasons why he won’t so I feel sorry for him. The empty threats you keep feeding us about the company not continuing and us losing our jobs are sending my nerves on edge. It’s unfair the way we are being treated. I used to love working here and thought I’d really landed lucky but since autumn everything’s changed and I’m really starting to hate working here. I constantly think about work and feel sick about going to work…I don’t know how long this can go on for before I jump ship.