Dear God

Location: Nevada
Job: Retail

Please help me get a job with better wages, that can help me pay off my debts. That I enjoy and I never get tired of it. I am so sick and tired of retail. I want to find a job that can help with my skills. I am willing to do just something different that has a decent schedule. If you could ever hear me. That be great. Sincerely, Me.


Stupid Company Lazy Managers

Location: Georgia
Job: Cashier

I hate this job. First of all I only wanted to work part time and now I’m doing 35-40 hrs a week. Manager never asked if it was alright or anything. We even hired new people which was supposed to solve that. You think the least they could do was give us a break, but no. I’ve been here for going on 8 months and got ONE , that’s right ONE break. “Break” I mean. I was still on the clock and had to help customers. I work 8 hour shifts on my feet the entire time and never get breaks. Meanwhile the managers take lunch breaks and get to go back to their offices away from the public and eat. I’m in the public eye the entire shift and am not allowed to leave the counter.

On top of that, stupid customers with attitudes get on my nerves. Even though I’m nice and respectful to them they get all mad and passive aggressive when I tell them the prices. “Ya’ll robbing folks!” or “That’s too expensive!” getting mad at me. Hello, call corporate, it’s not my problem/fault k bye. Ughh…sometimes I just want to slap people. And they want us to smile and look happy all the time. Bump that. I just got verbally assaulted by some ignorant fool and you want me to smile? Ha!Continue reading


Stressful Boss

Location: Alaska
Job: Grocery Clerk

I work at a local grocery/retail store as a department clerk. The job itself is tolerable, if not boring and mundane. My boss, however, makes it a nightmare. She’s extremely particular about how everything is done in her department. Everything from the organization of our backroom supplies to duty prioritization. No matter what I decide to handle first, it’s the wrong thing. Unload pallets first, items to the shelf second? Wrong, have to make room in the cooler for the unloaded items. Items to the shelf first, unload pallets second? Wrong, we can’t leave the pallets in the receiving area.

I’m perfectly capable of knowing what needs to be done and I can keep the whole department stocked and clean by myself, but her micromanaging makes me 5 times more stressed than I need to be. If I’m doing something right, it takes too long. If I’m doing it quickly, it’s not done right. Her chastisement is not the constructive kind, but more of the “you did this wrong, you’ve been here X hours why isn’t this done, this/that/the other wasn’t done” kind of way. Regardless of how well I think I’m doing my job, I always end my shift feeling more stressed, angry, and worse about myself than at the beginning. I think about quitting daily, and I actually pray that I get fired somehow so I can just take off my apron and leave. I’m looking into switching departments, preferably as far from my current department as possible. Is it unreasonable to leave a job after 3-4 months? I don’t have rent or anything to pay right now so I don’t have a huge problem with it.