Poor people

Location: Arizona
Job: Ambulance driver

I like to get people in trouble cause I am a pathetic person with a pathetic life and nothing better to do. I have zero respect for others around me. Don’t give a shitalk about others family they support. I just care about myself. I am a entitled piece of shit.


Underappreciated nightmare!

Location: Scotland
Job: Apprentice IT networking engineer

So I work in a plumbing manufacturing factory at the moment. Working as an apprentice, thought IĀ got the sweet deal because I was getting paid higher than the normal apprentice. Haha. No.

So I started here around 6 months ago, I started with a guy who was younger, just out of school and really really annoying. I mean I couldn’t stand his voice after an hour. We got thrown up the back of some workshop with desks and a chair and told to set up our own computers, fair enough we do IT. This workshop was freezing, no heating, I had to literally hunt down someone to find me a heater. I mean I live in Scotland for fuck sake. So after the first week the other guy left (HALLELUJAH!!!) and I got moved into an office eventually, not bad there is a microwave and some pretty cool people. Got told they couldn’t pay me what they initially said they could so my wages got put down, bummer. Thought I’ll stick this out to get my classes done, here I am six months later and planning to quit on Friday. I got my apprenticeship company to get me transferred if I do the work by Thursday.Continue reading


Fucking spic ass misogynistic cocksucker

Location: USA


If you’ve read my rants before, you’ve seen how abused I’ve been by a fucking misogynistic wetback shitfuck over the past three years. Thank GOD I have finally been able to get a BETTER job elsewhere and get the fuck away from this ass fucker.



Fucking tire-kickers

Location: Arctic Ocean
Job: Seller

Ok, so I sell fucking custom-made shit on IG, eBay, and a few other places.

Lately, I’ve just had a bunch of shitheads wasting my fucking time. They ask stupid ass questions constantly, wasting my time so that I can’t build orders for PAYING CUSTOMERS. I waste hours sending the fuckers pictures of color swatches, etc. and then after hours of that shit, they go…”I’ll let you know later. I’m shopping around other sellers…” and then I never hear back from the cocksuckers even though I know my products are better and my prices are lower than the fucktards that have copied my items.

Anyway, fuck ’em…I’m about ready to throw my fucking computer across the god damn room right now. I am so fucking sick of this shit.


I know your game you controlling bitch

Location: Edina, MN
Job: Legal

I have a boss named Doreen whose last name rhymes with a fat mammal and she suits the role. She became my manager a year ago and is the most controlling bitch I have ever worked for. She asked me to facilitate a team meeting and take notes because she is too lazy to do it. She said we were going to go in alphabetical order of my team names but she skipped over a few people and assigned me to this. Fine, it wasn’t that much work, but all she does is nitpick me and said in my review last week that I am fearful of change which is ridiculous. I have been on my team the longest and have been the one supporting change and training others in how to adapt. Until a few years ago, I had a positive attitude until it became apparent the company making billions wants to lay people off and ship their jobs overseas to save money and won’t reinvest in the company so we are working with outdated programs and processes. Excuse me if I no longer care to go the extra mile for a bunch of rich pricks.Continue reading