Lay Off Joy

Location: Texas
Job: Sales Brand

I have been over this shit job at this shit company for the last year. Lemme let you in on a secret fuck heads… I was about to put in my 2 weeks when you announced layoffs. I giggled inside as that is the greatest morale boost in my last 3 years being treated like a total moron when it is your dumb asses who don’t get how marketing to a consumer works. My only goal is to not get fired for 3 weeks so I can collect a sweet severance check and proceed to take a higher position with better pay and benefits at your competitor. I know you said we aren’t allowed(lol), but you were too retarded to have us sign non-competes. Ahaaha. I can’t wait to watch your brand crash and burn as I tap dance on the graves of your pathetic LinkedIn profiles and sorry resumes.

To the loser store managers I have been dealing with, eat a dick. My education and experience is now paying off while you are at your peak, I’m over here just getting started. Hope you liked your sales boost while I was in your stores, you can kiss it goodbye. Enjoy my rants on Yelp and Google about the shit you talked about good people behind their backs. Lmao!

I have always been better than you. Now my salary proves it. Ahahahaaha.


Keeping to myself

Location: Texas
Job: Nurse Aid

I work hard as a nurse aid for a couple of hospitals. One hospital in particular is a job that I’m ready to quit. It’s bad quality compared to other hospitals. I work on a very busy floor. Needy and dependent patients keep me busy. It’s even worse cause the nurses only want to be drug pushers. Or gossip at the nurses’ station. They’ll gossip while I’m trying to move a 300lb bedbound patient by myself. They SUCK. Seriously, I wouldn’t trust them to take care of my family. They’ll let a patient sit in urine/stool, go hungry, be neglected….because they think that’s just a nurse aid’s job.

On top of that, this hospital pays the least. I got a 19cent raise. I felt so valued…..I can barley hide my contempt for them. I only talk to them when necessary for work. I never talk personal stuff with them and decline talking during my 30min (out of 12 hours) lunch break. Who’d wanna be friends with jerks like these nurses? Okay, I’m done ranting. I’ll put my fake smile back on.


Treated like a child

Location: Far from where I want to be
Job: Package handler

I’ve been working at this job for over 2 and a half years now. I’ve had previous jobs so it’s not the first. But I’ve been good at all the jobs they get me to do here, I have some managers reassure me on that. But lately we just have a bunch of ignoramus jerks as managers and leads. They all talk over the radio just to hear themselves talk. But I’ve been doing the same job for almost 2 years on my first sort/half of my work day, and the previous managers over that said I was good. But there are newer people in my area doing the same job as me and they continue to fuck up and the managers come on the radio and try to blame me for it. Even though it’s not my fault. They don’t listen to me and just talk down to me. Anytime I say something to give them a heads up, they ignore me, then turn around and say “why didn’t you say anything, you can’t let this happen!” Like wtf, maybe if y’all weren’t glued to your phones and kept your heads out of your asses you would know I said something.Continue reading


Federal Dollars Scam

Location: USA
Job: Supervisor

If you thought you hired the person that would jump when you said how high, you’re wrong. While I respect a hierarchal business model, it stops immediately when you act like a jerk. Couple being a jerk with scamming the federal government of grants, the funds are used to abuse the very people intended to protect. You messed with the wrong person, sadly for your company. And on top of that, the constant violations of these participants’ civil rights is beyond the imaginable. Keep it up for now because you will be shut down.


Ugly Bosses

Location: Linden, MI
Job: Mail Carrier

I was hired right before the holidays. During the holidays I was worked 7 days a week, 10 hours a day. Now that the holidays are over, I’m only working Sundays and sometimes one day during the week. I inquired about a transfer to another office, since the office I hired into obviously just used me for holiday help. After speaking to my supervisor and union rep, they have all made no attempt to help me transfer or get more work to support my family. In fact, they have made it very clear that they want me to fail at this job so they can fire me or get me to quit.

I have a family to support and now I have reached a point where I can’t afford to pay any of my bills let alone put gas in my car to get to work, when they do schedule me. Management in the company is so disgusting and two faced I’m surprised anyone stays there. A multi billion dollar company that treats its employees like dirt.