Cell phones

Location: USA

I totally agree: “Second, consider banning cell phones in work areas because employees should be working—not playing on their cell phone—during that time.”


What is so difficult about this easy shit?

Location: California, land of entitled whiners
Job: Turd herder

I hate these fuckwagons. They make good coin, but all they can do is complain. They are the biggest bunch of fuckwagons I have ever seen. Manbabies to a fucking man. Crying like little pussies all day long. Just want to get paid to do nothing. Sorry, arsewagons, but that ain’t happenin. I’m going to ride you over paid under worked pussbots until you quit, because I hate all of you. Here’s an idea, put down your goddamn phone and get to work. That’s why we pay you. Entitled assholes. I work circles around you idiots, and you still have no shame and continue to be useless idiots. Fuck this place, time to move on.


I feel like my job is…


I feel like my job is to stand at the far end of a long room and, using only my naked body as a blockade, to keep randomly thrown pieces of shit from hitting a large, continuously running fan. Here come’s another one!!! Splap!! I’m a shit goalie.