Sh*t Storm…

Location: USA
Job: IT Guy (The minority one)

Wow… Just WOW!!! Not only was the hurricane a storm we had to work around. But the storm among our work envionment. How in the HELL are these morons still managers?! A lot of our team gets pissed off on a regular basis. That’s nothing new. But how do you screw up a conference!?!?!?! It’s no secret that you guys are phony, two faced, racist sacks of shit. We know that already. But the blatant disregard for the safety, mental health and overall well being of your loyal drones this time was too much. You do this all the time but this was different. Even your ass kissers were pissed! You both walked around with your heads down and couldn’t even make eye contact. YOU KNOW you were wrong. You lost talented, loyal, intelligent, tactful employees all because you want to one up each other and impress people who don’t give a shit about you.Continue reading



Location: Philippines
Job: Promotion Coordinator

I don’t want to be a part of this company anymore. In my 2 months stay here, I feel very uninspired and bored. I have come to a conclusion that I really didn’t find any passion here and I’m also not putting my skills to best use. Anyone here who feels the same? I’m planning to quit my job, I know it is somewhat scary but I feel like it would be a big sigh of relief for me

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. Shout out to those people who think they could do better, well, you’re right. Take a leap of faith and don’t make your life more miserable. Quit your job and find a new one!! Agree? Disagree? Share this.


Brown Noser

Location: Somewhere in England
Job: Nurse

I have been nursing in this sector for a long time, however when I started this job there happened to be another nurse who originates from the prison environment. I have never met a more obsequious slug!!!!!! So high and fucking mighty or so she thinks. She takes pleasure in telling tales and pulling the care staff up over things that really are trivial. The problem is, she is a brown nosed piece of shit, so far up the manager’s arse it’s unreal. As for the manager, well she’s delighted with her new arse licking best pal, so much so that the stupid bitch did nothing to support me when an agency nurse didn’t show up. She sat on her arse answering her “emails” which by her own admission is more important than helping me administer meds!Continue reading