We are not slaves/numbers/a slice of the budget

Location: UK
Job: Retail Assistant

I don’t know what it is with retail and treating employees badly. I work for a retail/wholesalers who claim to treat their employees well. They are very generous. That’s quite true. The wage and benefits are good (compared to most other retailers). But it’s starting to seem, that in return for this, you have to become a slave. You have to sacrifice your life. It doesn’t matter if you have a life outside of work. You will change your schedule at a moment’s notice, you will work too many hours, or too little. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been there or how hard you work. You can’t have time off because it’s too much hassle for them to work out the rota. It doesn’t matter if you’re entitled or within your right to reasonably expect that time off. It’s just, ‘NOPE’.

You are just a number of hours to allocate into a week, part of the wage budget for your department. It feels like it’s a case of, you are paid well enough, you’re given a couple of perks, and that’s enough to keep you as a hard-working, motivated, committed employee. You’re not going to leave because your work experience means a similar job, and similar jobs are unlikely to have the wage/benefits you have now. You keep brewing your discontentment if you like, because we’re not going to do anything about it, we’ll just wait for your soul to die so you stop complaining and just get on with it. Well that’s just shit. I am very much hoping that I can hand in my notice very soon, and hope you get the message that you cannot think like this. That respect and compassion for employees goes a long way, and that giving them a decent work-life balance is more important than dangling a carrot of gradual pay increases.


My Client “E” is an ASSHOLE

Location: Hell
Job: Advertising Account Manager...UNFORTUNATELY!

Working in the advertising industry is not as glamorous as they make it out be on TV…all those lovely parties and events you get to attend…invitations to exclusive product launches…they all come at a price and a heavy one to pay…dealing with ASSHOLE clients that you imagine strangling and stabbing them repeatedly while they’re on the phone with you. And, if your lucky, to have a client like my ASSHOLE client, you imagine yourself throwing them under a heavy 18 wheeler and driving over them over and over again till they’re flat as a sheet…sigh…such a satisfying thought.

My client is an ASSHOLE…in case you didn’t get that from the references above. He is a liar, the worst piece of crap you could ever get the chance to meet. that fucking idiot has the nerve to blame me for his unprofessionalism. I have never encountered a more low life, low class ASSHOLE as ‘E’. He never reads his emails, never sends anything on time, and when something goes wrong from his side, he has the nerve to put the blame on me.Continue reading


Ass-hole boss, terrible company

Location: Anaheim, California
Job: Root Barrier manufacturing company worker

TL:DR – Ass-hole rude bullying boss, minimum wage, no benefits, hostile workplace and workers all leaving for other jobs. For the love of sanity, PLEASE do not ever work here. Sitting here at my desk, wondering for the ten thousandth time why I even bothered coming in today. The business calls itself a “leader” in what it does, when they really should be “the company with a rotating door for workers”. Well, at least today is just the mindless calls we normally have to make. The job seemed fine at first, but then I noticed that there are only a small handful of people who’ve been here longer than a year. And the people who are here might not be around much longer either, due to my boss, who is a lying, cheating, misogynistic, rude, insulting, bullying, racist, micromanaging asshole. But for time’s sake, let’s just call him TS (aka FTS).

So TS rules by force, and when things don’t go his way, will insult people, or call their work “shit”, or something like that. He’s also utterly convinced that his way is the only and right way, and won’t listen to reason or discussion. Example of utter rudeness: there was an incident a few months ago where two of the workers let a visitor into the warehouse without the owner’s permission (because he was out of the office). When TS called in to speak to the visitor, in full hearing of the two workers who were standing right there said “Sorry about that, these chicks have their heads up their a*s, and don’t know s**t.” The poor visitor was startled, and as the one worker went back to the warehouse, the other had to excuse herself from the desk because it looked like she was starting to cry.Continue reading


The Wonderful World of Medicine and its Endless Barrage of “Medically Necessary” Examinations

Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Job: Sonographer

Never go to the hospital unless you are truly within hours of death. They will order every damn test on you to rule out what your disease is not. When that happens, we come in and do rounds of tests that are billed simply out of laziness as the ordering physician doesn’t want to think about his patient or because he simply needs his numbers for the day. Knowledge is key to navigating this corrupt and shit medical system we have. Know what tests you are being told to take, and know which ones are redundant or show similar information. We are a culture based on fear, and death isnt something we all welcome, but they will use fear to convince you into submitting to these worthless tests. Out of a hundred ultrasounds I do, maybe 1 of them will have some significant disease. Usually, when the doctor is informed about this findings, they will then decide to order the “gold standard” test for that patient to determine the severity of the illness. Ultrasounds are generally less invasive than those gold standards examinations, which translates to ordering physicians exploiting these tests for any reason under the sun. Being called in at 2 am, for organ harvesting, on a 50 some year old cocaine overdose male is such a rewarding career path. I wish the fucks who taught that shit school I went to in town were honest about the career. Figures why the school is shut down


Final goal

Location: Hell third ring
Job: Educational nutjob

Principal Micromanager Teachers are paid to work. They are uninspired morons because they cannot handle a damn thing. If they run to you, you shit all over your admin team. Have us running around like maniacs on crack to keep a group of spoiled, overpaid lazy asses happy. You allow the secretary to take 2 hour lunch breaks and then pay her for punching out at 6. A full 3 hours of OT. Some employees can’t work two weeks without taking a day off. No to selling candy…then you allow it. This place is hell… I am applying out and will have more simple hours… thank God. You have made this hell.